Wookey Hole Caves

Wookey Hole Caves

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Wookey Hole Caves are a series of limestone caverns, a show cave and tourist attraction in the village of Wookey Hole on the southern edge of the Mendip Hills near Wells in Somerset, England. The River Axe flows through the cave. It is a Site of Special Scientific Interest for both biological and geological reasons. Wookey Holes Caves have a depth of 300ft.

It is the location of the Wookey Hole show caves. Wookey Hole is located in the civil parish of St Cuthbert Out, in Men dip District. The River Axe flows through the cave. It is one mile northwest of the city of Wells and lies on the border of the Men dip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).  One possible origin for the name Wookey is from the Old English wig (an animal trap), although it is also a possible alteration from the Celtic word ogo (cave), referring to Woo key Hole Caves. Let us see what all things you at do.

The Caves

The caves at Wookey Hole first began to form when rainwater percolated through the porous, Limestone sedimentary rock of the Men dip Hills. This process slowly began to create the chambers of the caves.

Witch’s Kitchen Chamber 1, there are consistent legends about a woman who once lived deep inside the dark chambers, who many locals believed was a witch. The first written reference was in 1470. The stalagmite of the Witch (and her dog), this chamber has various formations including the largest stalagmite in Wookey Hole called the Giant, which is over 100,000 years old and about 10 feet tall (3 meters). In 10,000 years it will meet the ceiling, growing at a rate of around 0.169 millimeters annually.

The Great Hall Chamber 2, one of the highest chambers Wookey Hole. It is over 70 feet high (nearly 23 meters), with amazing acoustics and incredible calcite patterns dancing across the walls. The scale and majesty of this chamber are best appreciated once you get to the bottom of the steps – take a moment to look back and admire its natural splendor.

Witch Parlor Chamber 3, great forces have created a beautiful dome-shaped cave. Once upon a time, this area was under a great ocean. Microscopic sea creatures swam in its waters, and their shells eventually became calcium carbonate, or limestone, which settled on the bed of the ocean and hardened into the rock you can see today.

Cathedral Chamber 9 Chamber, Wookey Hole Caves are the birthplace of British cave diving. The Cathedral Chamber (or Chamber 9) is the base for most modern diving that takes place in the caves. The chamber is 30m high, its green water 20m deep, and its vast walls red with iron oxide and shining with “flowstone” calcite formations.

Adventure Golf

Due to the outdoor nature of this activity, the golf course has seasonal opening times. Golf tickets do not include entry to Wookey Hole Attractions.

Enchanted Valley

Enchanted Valley, with magical surprises. The views are spectacular. Hyenas Den in 1857, when workmen were digging the canal that runs through the valley, they discovered a cave with a 30cm bed of bones. The bones included those from tropical and Ice Age animals such as rhinoceroses, mammoths, bears, and lions, along with prehistoric humans’ flint tools. King Kong stands over ten meters tall at the entrance to our Dinosaur Grove. He has been a feature of the valley for years now, and still has the power to delight even the most world-weary tweenagers! King Kong is a scale model of the famous fictional Gorilla.

Enchanted Valley Refreshments, treat yourself to a hot drink or an ice cream whilst you enjoy our beautiful Valley.

Cave Diving Museum

Get an insight into the fascinating history of cave dining at Wookey Hole. The very first successful cave dive in Britain took place at Wookey Hole. Graham Balcombe and his partner Penelope (Mossy) Powell dived to a depth of 52 m (170 ft.) into the cave, reaching Chamber 7 in 1935. The site has provided rich pickings for archaeologists and anthropologists over the years. From Roman finds, and human skeletons to animal bones, daggers, and prehistoric tools, Wookey Hole has produced a treasure trove of incredible artifacts – and you can see some of them in the Cave Diving Museum. The diver pictured here is Michael Thomas, who made many discoveries at Wookey Hole, some of which are on display in the Cave Diving Museum.

Dinosaur Grove

At Wookey, Hole dreams come true for every little (or big person) who wanted to meet a dinosaur. Dinosaur Grove lets you get up close and personal with some of these magnificent beasts. Watch out though, some of them move!

The Mill

The main building at Wookey Hole was a paper-making mill for hundreds of years. The paper-making areas and the mill buildings nowadays are home to lots of fun and adventure. Three soft play zones, with three soft play zones, spread out across the top floor. Circus shows, Wookey Hole Circus School puts on three circus shows a day. Wookey Hole Theatre, check the event when you visit.

Education zones, from paper-making demonstrations (the Mill was originally a paper mill) to a dedicated geological section on the history of Wookey Hole. Vintage Penny Arcade is an incredible jaw-dropping collection of vintage machines. All are in working order. Relive childhood memories of simpler times. Mirrors Everywhere, get lost in the mirror maze, or pull funny faces in the crazy mirrors. Paper Making,

you can discover how the paper of the highest quality was made by hand.

4D Cinema

Enjoy a 4D cinema experience as part of your visit.

Wild Wookey

The largest and most spectacular cave complex in the UK. Hidden deep below the surface of the rolling Mendip Hills, Wild Wookey is an award-winning experience that offers explorers, thrill seekers, and anyone wishing to sample a taste of true caving a real challenge.

Your experience will include a variety of activities, such as

  • Unforgettable, genuinely challenging, and exhilarating moments
  • A chance to go behind the scenes of the world-famous showcaves at Wookey Hole
  • Abseiling, crawling, and the clip-climbing route across the caves
  • Get up close and personal with rare geological features, not seen by the general public
  • Fascinating educational and historic commentary from your guide
  • Exit the caves in style (prepare to be surprised!)
  • Photos of your experience taken by our guides


Captain Jack’s Restaurant, is based in our 16th Century Mill. The restaurant serves home-cooked dishes, sandwiches, and cakes every day. Ice Cream Parlour serves over 20 different flavors of Marsh Field ice cream including plant-based and gluten-free flavors. Picnic space, there is plenty of indoor and outdoor picnic space available if you want to bring a packed lunch. Enjoy the sunshine in our beautiful valley and listen to the sounds of the river whilst you eat.


Our gift shop sells unique Wookey Hole Souvenirs, pocket money toys, gifts, and Somerset delights including Wookey Hole Cheese, matured in the caves.

If one wants to spend a brilliant family day out, this is the most recommended attraction. Mini golf, 4d cinema, circus, and dinosaurs with excellent food in the café make this place a must-visit.