Woodland Walks

The map of UK woodlands helps you to find woodland all ages of woodlands, from young, to ancient tracts of oak forests.  For example, Burlingham Woods Church Plantation is a 1.98 hectare, woodland area in Norfolk, managed by Norfolk County Council.  Burlingham Woodland Walks pass through a gentle landscape of old and new woodland and orchards, with farmland interspersed by hedgerows.  Developed since the 1990s on land owned by Norfolk County Council, the walks use Public Rights of Way and permissive paths.

Banchory Woods in Glencommon Wood,  Aberdeenshire, is 1 km north of Banchory and a famous fungi collection. Kinord Woods near Fyvie has several trails and one of the largest recorded single beech trees in Great Britain. The Banchory Woods also have a path for those wishing to walk from here up to Balmoral Castle. Riding and cycling are permitted in many woodlands, provided that the trails are used responsibly and any gates are kept closed. The felling of trees occur, but the area is continually re-planted and provides habitat for owls, woodpeckers, and other rare species.

Castle Fraser in Aberdeenshire is another great attraction. Located 14 miles from Inverurie, the population of Castle Fraser dates back to the 14th century when a castle was built here by achie and the Fisherfield forest, a walk of approximately 9 hours and  43 miles.

Banchory Woods in Corsee Wood, Aberdeenshire, is a vast woodland maintained to its previous standard. Deer can be found here in abundance along with other animals native to the area. The trail is suitable for all abilities and is located just off of the A93 south of Pitmedden. Sail From Inverurie, it is only a short distance to the port of Aberdeen. The town of Inverurie itself offers a traditional high street and brick-built housing structures dating from the middle of the 19th century.

Countesswells, Aberdeen woodlands are an ideal place to get out of the city. The Diamond walk will take you along bridleways and loops of woodland trails through the heart of the park. If walking isn't your thing, you can also cycle through the trails on wooded bridleways leading to twisty woodland paths. To experience the wildlife, you can spend time at the RSPB nature reserve kinder meadow woodland, home to many birdlife types.

Parkhill Wood, Aberdeen, offers a stunning setting for a woodland walk. The trails will take you to various covered bridges, allotments, and through areas covered by chestnut.  Situated on the outskirts of Aberdeenshire, Parkhill Wood offers walks through areas covered by chestnut trees. The easy access trail starts at 4 miles (6.5 km) long and is suitable for wheelchair users, pushchairs, and wheelchairs. The main attraction is the stunning scenery, including the woodlands and farmland. Starpath, Aberdeenshire Starpath is situated in the countryside, 20 miles (32 km) south of Aberdeenshire, and is accessible from the A90. The local red squirrel population calls this place their home. The long surfaced path is 14 miles (22.5 km) long, allowing you to make loops around an area of 10 hectares. It is suitable for wheelchair users, pushchairs, and wheelchairs. The main attraction is the beautiful scenery, including bridges, boardwalks, and wildlife.