Winterfell Castle & Game of Thrones Doune Castle

Winterfell Castle & Game of Thrones Doune Castle

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Ireland's premier Game of Thrones Tour Visitor Attraction. Meet the real-life Direwolf Dogs & explore over 20 key Game of Thrones tour filming location hotspots on the ancient sprawling demesne of Old Castle Ward including the 'penultimate very first episode' location scene where young Bran Stark is shockingly pushed out the Castle window, the Winterfell Crypt, the courtyard where the Stark Family welcomed King Robert Baratheon to Winterfell, Walder Freys Twins Castles & the savage Red Wedding.

Winterfell Castle

Dounes Castle is one of the several sites in the UK being transformed into the world of Westeros to celebrate the legacy of the hit series “The Games Of Thrones”. It is a medieval stronghold and best-preserved castle near the village of Doune, in the Stirling district of central Scotland. The castle was used as the set for Winterfell in the T.V. series, Games Of Thrones (2011-present), an adaptation of the “A Song Of Ice And Fire” series of novels by George R R Martin. Doune Castle has been renamed as Winterfell to mark the release of The Final Season of the ground-breaking Game of Thrones franchise.

About Winterfell Castle

Winterfell is the capital of the kingdom of the North and ancestral home of the royal House Stark. Located alongside the king’s road, it is the most mysterious place in Westeros and Games Of Thrones. This fortified castle was used as a filming location for the pilot episode of the series doubling as the Stark family home.

Attractions at Winterfell Castle

There are many amazing things to do at Winterfell Castle that will give visitors an inside scoop into the filming of the movie and will take them into a magical world.

  • Westeros Cruiser’ bicycles experience

So now is the chance to tour this epic filming location on one of the ‘Westeros Cruiser’ bicycles and recreate your own favourite scenes from The Games of Thrones. Admire the beautiful castle from all angles and imagine what it would be like to rule a region from here. There is a short behind-the-scenes‘ Tales from the filming day’s tour’ that will unfold fascinating stories about how film sets were created onsite, including the penultimate episode scene location where Young Brandson Stark was shockingly pushed out of the castle window.

Don’t forget to collect your Stark Sack, to ensure you defend yourself as you cycle through the wilds of Westeros.

  • The Narrow Sea Game of Thrones Tour Boat Voyage

This voyage is a 'must do' when you are in Northern Ireland. Your guide entwines local history & mythology with Game of Thrones film locations and so the tour is as enjoyable for people that have never watched Game of Thrones before, as it is for advocate fans!

Game of Thrones and many other Hollywood Blockbuster movies are filmed on the shores of Strangford Lough for good reason - ancient untouched landscapes, deserted islands, crumbling castles - the whole area is steeped in history.

On this boat tour, your guide also takes you to the ‘Bay of Seals’ and if lucky, you may even get some Dolphins following your boat (Strangford Lough is a hive of marine wildlife, it is a World Marine Nature Reserve).

  • Tyrion’s Axe Throwing Experience

Step into the Winterfell Castle film location- Axe Throwing Range in full character costume and choose the axes used by the cast. The Winterfell Master-at-Arms trained the cast and has some great stories to share. Get ready to pose for photos in the Axe Throwing Photo Booth-wearing Shagga’s helmet and holding his battle axe and slinging it like a true Shagga warrior.

  • Archery Experience

A replica of the Winterfell Castle archery range movie set has been masterfully recreated in the Winterfell Castle courtyard where the filming originally took place. Dress up in character costumes from the series, stand exactly where ‘Jon Snow’, Robb and Bran Stark’ stood, and enjoy the thrill of firing live arrows.

  • Meet the Games of Thrones Direwolves

Well, here is your chance to meet the Direwolves from the Games of Thrones. As it was not possible to use real wolves in filming, the production team used Northern Inuit dogs, as these were closely resembling a wolf. Visitors can meet them on tour at their home in Winterfell Castle film location by prior arrangement. They are a domestic and friendly dog breed and are well used to being on camera getting their photo taken.

  • Overnight Glamping Experience

Bed down for a night in one of our quirky glamping pods deep in the forest of Winterfell film location. Explore the sprawling demesne and its many filming location hotspots and recreate your very own Game of Thrones moments!

Souvenirs & Gifts

Don't forget to pick up a special memento at Winterfell Castles 'Armory & Forge', pledge your allegiance to House Stark!

  • Game of Thrones Film Location Scroll Map

Castle Ward Demesne was used extensively for filming Game of Thrones. This authentic scroll map pinpoints each filming location used onsite with a little Stark flag and includes a descriptive interpretation of each location’s scene. An exclusive memento is only available in the 'Armory & Forge' here at Winterfell Castle.

  • Eddard Stark Half Groat

Approved by George R.R Martin himself, this unique coin is beautifully made for Winterfell. It features Eddard Stark on the front, the Direwolf sigil on the reverse, and comes in a presentation sleeve. An exclusive collectible only available in the 'Armory & Forge' here at Winterfell Castle

There is also a unique Game of Thrones Gift Voucher for a fabulous experience.

The majestic castle of Northern Ireland is duly complementing the gripping plot of the TV series. These exotic locations are serene, inviting, and breathtaking that look straight out of a picture postcard. Visitors found these places way too fascinating. For a true Game of Thrones fan, this is a lifetime experience to cherish.