Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

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Windsor Castle is a royal residence at Windsor in the English county of Berkshire.Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest inhabited castle in the world and has been the family home of British kings and queens for almost 1,000 years. It is an official residence of Her Majesty The Queen and is still very much a working royal palace today, home to around 150 people.

Windsor Castle

The breathtaking Windsor Castle has served as the summertime residence of the British Royal Family for centuries. It is believed that royal families have remained here for extended periods of time since William the Conqueror erected the first castle here in 1078, with many of them imprinting their unique mark on the area.

Windsor Castle, which has been in continuous use for more than 900 years and is one of England's most popular tourist destinations, is open to the public in part. Windsor Castle is arranged around two courtyards: the Upper Ward and the Lower Ward, both of which are entered through the massive Henry VIII's Gate, which was built in 1511.

Enjoy the time at Windsor Castle with the list of top-rated attraction sites mentioned below.

Albert Memorial Chapel

The Albert Memorial Chapel was built in 1861 to remember Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, who died in 1861. On the interiors, this chapel is embellished extensively with brightly coloured marble, ceramics, sculptures and also adorns the Duque of Clarence tomb, Edward VII's eldest son. The Duke of Albany is depicted in Scottish finery on the west door's marble statue. The chapel is accessible via St. George's Chapel's east end.

St. George's Chapel

The chapel of The Knights, regarded as one of the greatest specimens of the Perpendicular Gothic style in England, dedicated itself to St. George and was initiated by Edward IV in 1474. Lancaster and York family heraldic emblems adorn the façade of the buildings. The bulls, deer, falcons, and black dragons of the Yorks can be seen in the north, whereas unicorns, red dragons, and lions of Lancaster can be seen in the south.

There are several royal tombs in the chapel, including Queen Mary and George V, the parents of Queen Elizabeth II.

The State Apartments

Tour the magnificent State Apartments, used by the Queen to hold official visits and are open for tours. Keep an eye out for the magnificently adorned Grand Reception Room, which features sparkling chandeliers. You may also visit the apartments erected for Charles II, who intended to match the magnificence of Versailles.

Queen Mary's Dolls' House

Queen Mary's Dolls' House, a 1924 gift to Queen Mary, is a famous attraction that you can see at Windsor Castle. It was designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, the foremost architect of the day. It is equipped with functioning miniatures created by some of the era's most celebrated artisans, designers, and craftsmen.

It is a very beautiful miniature recreation of an aristocratic home. There are thousands of objects here, most of which function: drawers open, automobiles in a parking garage with driving motors, clothes monogrammed running water from the little hoses, and the library full of miniature volumes in 1/12 size.

Changing the Guard

Changing the Guard ceremony is a must-see at Windsor Castle. From April to July, the Castle Precincts host this traditional British pageant. The ceremony will take place on the parade ground in front of St. George's Chapel on the royal grounds.

Windsor Castle Gardens

Due to the high setting of the castle, its gardens are rather tiny and situated on the terraces which extend east of the Upper Ward. When the North Terrace is available to the public from late July to late September, you may enjoy a good view of the East Terrace Garden.

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