Wild Swimming

The map of wild swimming pinpoints locations of wild swimming in the UK. The Trident Challenge is a popular wild swimming location in the UK.  Within Torbay alone, there are over twenty beaches that are suitable for swimming. Generally speaking, wild swimming takes place in rivers, lakes, rocky coasts and the sea.

Hicks Quarry Hicks Quarry combines gorge walking, wreck diving and swimming. The quarry has several sinkholes that plunge into the sea, providing an exciting environment for the sport of wild swimming. The quarry is located in Cornwall and is an easy swim from the car park or slipway adjoining it. However, it is nevertheless a challenging swim, and caution needs to be observed before taking off.

Low tide window at Cot Valley or Summerleaze Beach Ashcombe is also a good place for swimming with the tide rushing in and out of the sea cave. The site borders Bristol Channel and is a popular springboard for scuba divers who see its location as a prime spot to enjoy exploring the clear, unpolluted sea bed and experience the marine life and fun and exciting ocean currents.

Respryn Bridge is a wild swimming spot. The water pools exist under the twisted old bridge, and swimmers take turns making their way down the river, dispelling the narrow beams of light plunging from cut-outs in the high arches. The bridge itself affords a wide, peaceful vantage point with splendid views of the mountainous area of North Devon.

Cotton Wood Lodge Hideaway is a wild swimming location south of Britain and nestles in green and fiery volcanic cranny on the slopes of the green hills of the valley as you set out on your Devon jaunt. This place is also where you will find the Hot Rock Pool, which is habitable year-round. Steaming water tumbles down into it, although this is one place that can get very crowded on holiday weekends. If you are interested in river swimming, the Cotton Wood Lodge Hideaway is a good location.

Golitha Falls is another great area to visit and is well-known as one of the terrific wild swimming spots nearby. The water here plunges 40 feet right into the ocean, creating terrific bath-like temperatures. While doing this, you can also check out the spectacular scenery of North Cornwall, which is also completely beautiful.

Hembury, Rivery Dart is a wild swimming location with a special twist. The water is incredibly cold, so if you enjoy swimming in gloriously cool waters, this is a fantastic place for that. Specifically, three rivers are flowing over high cliff locations, the finest of which is Rivery and Ponts, and that's how it got its name. It makes for a great day out and is just the place to go if you need to cool down and enjoy a refreshing swim at the same time.

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