W5 Science & Discovery Centre

W5 Science & Discovery Centre

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W5 is Belfast’s award-winning science and discovery centre and provides a unique experience as well as fantastic fun for visitors of all ages. Visitors can immerse themselves in W5’s new technological space ‘AMAZE’, scale the heights on the multi-storey climbing structure ‘Climbit’, meet W5’s humanoid robot ‘Robothespian', plus so much more.

Located in the Odyssey complex at the gateway to Belfast's Titanic Quarter. Firing the spirit of discovery, with limitless fun for everyone, W5 has been completely reimagined following a major £5 million investment.  W5 is a science and discovery center with over 250 hands-on exhibits, seasonal events, science shows, and temporary exhibitions! W5 also presents a changing program of large and small-scale temporary exhibitions and events. They have a daily program of live science demonstrations and shows throughout the day. W5 was opened to the public on 31st March 2001. The Odyssey is quoted to have cost £120 million on completion. Odyssey was held in Trust by the Odyssey Trust Company with leases to SMG/Sheridan for the Arena, Sheridan for the Pavilion, and the National Museums NI for W5. Let us see what all things you can do at W5


Discover W5’s biggest exhibit ever! Climbit is an unusual mixture of physical fun, exploration, and art! This huge multi-story climbing structure, which is a cross between a maze and a jungle gym, takes over the Atrium at the heart of W5. The first of its kind in the UK and Ireland, Climbit is a unique, visually elegant, three-dimensional sculpture specially designed for climbing. Oval platforms suspended from steel pipes and cables let visitors traverse over, under, and through the amazing structure.

Meet Robo Thespian

Meet RoboThespian, W5’s permanent exhibit which is completely unique to the island of Ireland. RoboThespian is a life-sized, humanoid, interactive robot who can move, speak, educate, interact and entertain! RoboThespian is primarily a robot actor and performer. He is fully interactive, user-friendly, and capable of communicating and entertaining in a way that few people will have experienced before. This static, humanoid robot can be controlled by the visitor, via a touchscreen panel, and can sing, greet, inform, act, and even do impressions. Visitors can choose from a wide range of pre-programmed performance sequences or can even control RoboThespian’s movement and voice to create their performance pieces.


Step into MED-Lab – an interactive exhibition zone and explore the medical marvel that is the human body! MED-Lab will take visitors of all ages on an extraordinary and fun journey of discovery into us! Learn all about the amazing systems that keep our bodies alive and working. Get up close to some advanced imaging technologies that enable us to see inside, and right through our bodies. What can go wrong with our body and how we find out what the problem is?


AMAZE is W5’s brand-new technological space that will take you on unique, spectacular, and fully-immersive adventures. Incorporating large multi-screen projections, a state-of-the-art‘ immersive soundscape’ sound system, and a range of incredible special, sensory and physical effects, AMAZE will deliver exciting, captivating, and highly entertaining exhibitions and events for visitors of all ages to enjoy.

More Attractions

The Lost Planet

Journey to another dimension, where dinosaurs rule The Lost Planet.

Exploration is everything In The Lost Planet! Visitors are encouraged to discover fun facts about the universe as they step into The Lost Planet and morph into space explorers! To complete their mission by encouraging learning through play, explorers will discover interesting facts about our solar system within the activity zone. The adventure begins at the base of the giant rocket on the launchpad. To get to the top, explorers can make their way up through the launch gantry or climb through the spider tower webbing inside the rocket. From there they can make their way through the tunnels and zip back down to earth via the spiral slide.

Autism Friendly at W5

W5 runs Quiet Sessions throughout the year. These Quiet Sessions are all the fun of W5 but with less hustle and bustle. For further information about Quiet Sessions, please visit the W5 website. W5 also has a Quiet Room for visitors who need some quieter time, including children and adults with sensory needs or individuals on the autism spectrum, to take a break from the main exhibition spaces, crowds, noise, and excitement of W5.

Awaken your senses in our Making Sense zone

This zone is packed full of optical illusions, visual tricks, and multisensory experiences that are designed to push your senses and your mind to the limit. Look up, down, and all around. Touch, listen, and discover something new to challenge and trick your senses each and every time you visit.

Experience your Space Odyssey moment in W5’s immersive vortex light tunnel, step inside our immersive 360-degree illusion box and use UV to uncover hidden pictures and messages.

Play producer in W5’s new state-of-the-art studio

W5’s new media production zone ‘The Studio’ will inspire budding filmmakers and the next generation of documentarians and on-air talent. Unleash your imagination and try out real-life production techniques including camera operation, presenting to camera, and storyboarding and g, lighting design in a range of interactive exhibits using the latest studio technology.

Take your place in the hot seat and read the evening news, create your very own stop-motion movie and create your very own cartoon character.

Step into a storybook world in our Over The Hills & Far Away zone

In W5’s magical under 8s area, Over the Hills and Far Away, folklore, fantasy and fairytales collide with action and adventure, myths and legends. From mermaids to Jungle Book adventures, a fairytale town, and an enchanting secret garden where flowers magically spring from the ground, this fantastical living storybook land makes learning and literacy fun.

The sound effects, jumpy moments, and the sense of being picked off are not an experience for the faint-hearted. All in all, a great experience to be experienced if one is here.