The map of vineyards identify locations of vineyard and wine production in the UK.  The Beckett's Vineyard is located in Driffield, East Riding of Yorkshire, hanging between Colton and Terrington St. Clement. This is a small vineyard that has been growing vines, principally Chenin Blanc since 1971. The Beckett's Vineyard main attraction is the small farm shop, nestled in to ancient market garden, where the grapes are grown.

Adgestone vineyard is located in the village of East Haddon, 9 miles outside of Banbury in Oxfordshire. The estate takes its name from the Anglo-Saxon word for Ash Tree. The vineyard has been growing vines since 1963 when John Heyward, a former wine merchant and keen amateur grower, planted his first Chardonnay and Pinot Noir vines.

Albourne Vineyard is one of the oldest vineyards in England. Situated in the village of Albourne, West Sussex, on the South Downs on England's south coast.  To the left are the oldest vines in England, which are Pinot Noir. The legend goes that they were growing there when William the Conqueror landed on the shores.

Albury Organic Vineyard is another very old vineyard in England measuring 26 acres. It's home to 20 different varieties of vines that are cared for by third generation grower Andy Roberts and his family. With help from Viticulture and Enology Consultant, Emma Liddiard. The vines at Albury produce a predominately white wine with a few small lots of red. The estate is certified organic and a member of the Soil Association, the first organic organisation in the world. The climate in Albury Organic Vineyard is extremely cool and wet with a very useful spray of fog that covers the vines in raining season.

Alder Vineyard also is a one-of dark very old vineyard in Sussex that has been producing wine since the 18th century. Alder Vineyard is certified organic since 2012 under the Soil Association. The Alder vineyard is a part of the Alder Grove farm that includes other fields and orchards.

Bearley Vineyard in UK is a Natura 2000 Site and is Kent's best known organic vineyard. The land has been farmed organically for far longer than 25 years and has very low level of pesticides. The Bio dynamic farm, owned by the Marsh family dates back to the 1700's with a cider press that is Britain's oldest.

Bardingley Vineyard is decribed as 'a beutiful vineyard created on green rolling hills, three miles south of Tenterden and was opened in 1994. There are 22 acres of cereals and peas. The 25 acres of vines are cut-offs from the Marsh Road Vineyard, a neighbouring vineyard on higher sandy soil.

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