The View from the Shard

The View from the Shard

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The View from The Shard is a tourist attraction based in London's tallest building, The Shard. The attraction offers visitors views from the skyscraper, with two viewing platforms inside the building: the first is a triple level indoor gallery on Level 69, and the second is a partially outdoor gallery on Level 72. 

Regularly voted as one of London’s greatest tourist attractions, it offers the best view of the city from London’s tallest skyscraper. Located 800ft above the ground, The View from The Shard is the highest viewing platform in London and is the only place to see the entire city all at once.

The viewing galleries on Level 69 and the open-air Skydeck on Level 72 provide spectacular 360° views of London and beyond. In fact, on a clear day, visitors can see for 40 miles.

Friendly and knowledgeable guest ambassadors are on hand to answer questions about this iconic building and the breath-taking views. Fall in love with the iconic skyline and spot famous sites including The Houses of Parliament, The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the Olympic Park, and Wembley Stadium. Ideal for London’s culture seekers as well as those on their first trip to the capital.



The entrance to The View From the Shard is on Joiner Street near London Bridge Station. After entering the lobby and passing through security, there is an opportunity for visitors to have a photograph taken in front of a green screen, onto which a view from The Shard is superimposed, which can be purchased at the end of the experience.


An innovative lift service system was created for The Shard by KONE engineering.[6] Guests travel in two lifts going up and two lifts going down. These lifts travel at six meters per second, making the total time to go from Level 1 to Level 68 about a minute.

Transfer zone

Guests transfer lifts on Level 33.  They follow an image of the River Thames curving along the floor around which London is geographically mapped in 200 sentences written on the walls and floor, each describing a different part of the city.


Guests depart the lifts at Level 68 where the view of the city is obscured with playful cloudscapes. These give the names of the cloud formations that people may see from the viewing decks.

Indoor viewing galleries

Level 69 is the triple-height, main viewing gallery which gives 360-degree views of up to 40 miles (60 km). The level is equipped with digital "Tell: scopes" through which guests can explore the city around them in real-time, as well as offering pre-recorded daytime and night-time views.

Open-Air Skydeck At One of The Most Popular London Attractions

Situated at the top of one of London’s most popular attractions is The View from the Shard’s Open-Air Skydeck – feel the wind in your hair and experience London from new heights.

London’s Highest Champagne Bar

The View from the Shard’s Champagne bar is the highest in London.  Relax and enjoy the best views of the city with a glass of Moet and Chandon in hand at one of the most famous places in London.

The View From The Shard Gift Shop

Our gift shop has a range of Shard and London-themed gifts so you can take away a memento to mark your visit to one of London’s greatest tourist attractions.

On Level 68 of the building is the highest shop in London, 'The Sky Boutique' gift shop.

Partying In The Clouds Is Back!

Partying all night at London’s highest viewing gallery situated at the top of the Shard. It is one of the popular Silent Discos in association with Time Out London.  Grab a drink from the bar, pop on a set of headphones, and dance the night away at incredible heights!

Pick your channel and choose your side as three DJs battle it out over separate wireless channels playing the best in pop, rock, and party classics, whilst you admire the sweeping panoramas of London at your feet.

A must-visit for a unique and enjoyable experience with brilliant views of the city and the tower bridge. A nice bar with a good selection of drinks makes this place a perfect family spot.