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V&A Museum Dundee

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V&A Dundee is a design museum in Dundee, Scotland, which opened on 15 September 2018. The V&A Dundee is the first design museum in Scotland and the first Victoria and Albert museum outside London. The V&A Dundee is also the first building in the United Kingdom designed by Kengo Kuma.


Scottish Design Galleries

Ranging from architecture to fashion, healthcare to furniture, and engineering to video game design, around 300 exhibits have been drawn from the V&A’s world-famous collections of art, design, and performance, as well as museums, private collections, and designers across Scotland and the world.

Curated in collaboration with V&A South Kensington, our Scottish Design Galleries explore Scotland’s design landscape, historically and today. The key objects are

  • This pistol is signed by the gunsmith Alexander Campbell and was made between 1740 and 1760.
  • The Duchess Valkyrie Tiara, with more than 2,500 cushion-shaped, single-cut, circular-cut, and rose-cut diamonds, this tiara features a pair of ‘en Tremblant wings constructed using wire-coiled springs so that they move slightly when worn.
  • The bookcase was designed by George Logan to be exhibited at the 1901 Glasgow Exhibition.
  • The pair of classic Hunter ‘wellies’ dates from mid-1800’s when the utilitarian boots became associated with the fashionable urban middle and upper classes.
  • The lavish chair was designed by artist Robert Home, the son of an eminent Berwickshire army surgeon.
  • snap40 is a wearable device that uses artificial intelligence to monitor a hospital patient’s vital signs, alerting physicians and nurses via wireless technology if there is a problem.
  • Linoleum elephant sculpture designed by Eduardo Paolozzi as a promotional case for a 1972-73 catalog from Michael Nairn & Co.
  • The dress was part of Holly Fulton’s Autumn/Winter 2011 collection.

Sincerely, Valentines – From Postcards to Greetings Cards

It tells the story of Scotland’s most pioneering and successful commercial photographers, best known for popularizing the holiday postcard on a global scale. Founded in 1825 in Dundee, Valentines capitalized on rapid developments in photography, printing, and tourism in the early 20th century to create a fascinating body of work and a vibrant industry, quickly becoming one of Dundee’s largest employers. The exhibition features rare photographs, historic postcards, promotional company magazines, booklets, and greetings cards from the James Valentine photographic collection and private lenders including former employees of the firm.

The Future of Ageing

The Future of Ageing explores how design is transforming the way society can support everyone to age with greater agency and joy. Curated by Design Age Institute in collaboration with the Design Museum, discover how design can support an aging population – and indeed our future selves – to meet their needs, interests, and aspirations with greater agency and joy. The Future of Ageing display celebrates how design can help us reimagine products, services, and environments to enhance our experience of living in later life with a selection of prototypes, sketches, and research from projects that are being developed by Design Age Institute and its partners. Among them are 'The Centaur' – a self-balancing, two-wheeled personal electric vehicle for people with difficulties getting around, 'Gita' – a hands-free cargo-carrying robot, the 'Home Office to Age in Place' – created to integrate flexible living and working space for later life, and 'Hearing Birdsong' – a digital 'audioscape' app that uses the sound of birdsong to engage visitors with their hearing health.


Design Busters

Creative challenges for you and your family to enjoy together. Illustrated by Dundee-based designer Laura Darling, you’ll design cool cities, future fashions, graphic logos, mashed-up products, striking patterns, and more!


A playful trail around our waterfront plaza Designed by Dundee-based illustrator Cara Rooney, this colorful trail will take you and your family on a waterfront wonder of discovery around our plaza, the urban beach, and gardens. This is a self-guided trail, so no need to book – just pick up a trail from our special seek + peek! cart on the plaza.

Selkie trail

Join Selkie the Seal on a trail to find out more about our incredible building! Pick up a free, family-friendly printed trail and pencil from our Welcome Desk then explore the museum. Sketch, wander, and find out fun facts about our architecture and design. When you’ve finished, collect an Official Explorer stamp and Selkie’s Seal of Approval! Selkie the Seal was designed by award-winning Scottish textile designer Donna Wilson, especially for us. Donna took inspiration from the Scottish coastline, as well as our aquatic neighbors in the Tay, and this cuddly seal was given the name Selkie after a public vote on social media.

Labyrinth is a self-guided trail

Labyrinth is a self-guided welcome and well-being trail to show you what V&A Dundee has to offer.

From reflecting on objects in our Scottish Design Galleries to drawing views of the silvery Tay – this is your museum to explore, share ideas, meet and make friends and find calm. Head on over to pick up a copy of Labyrinth from our Welcome Desk and start your journey with us. Labyrinth was created by students Rhona Forbes, Caitlyn Harrold, Rory Doyle, Siddharth Jakhmola, and Zack Daniels in a collaborative project between V&A Dundee and the University of Dundee’s Schools of Art & Design and Medicine.


This, Looped

This, looped explores the pleasure taken in the act of making and the creative decision-making integral to this process. Well known for her context-specific installations and working print shops, former Turner Prize nominee Phillips explores issues relating to the cultural representation of women in her practice by both making reference to the work of other female artists and print's important relationship to do-it-yourself culture. Invited by V&A Dundee to explore an unseen aspect of the V&A’s Scottish Design collections, Phillips spent time with the collections of textiles and ceramics in South Kensington, drawing inspiration from items that exist purely to test out ideas and methods, such as ceramic color charts, fabric swatches, and embroidered samplers. The key objects include Ciara Phillip’s detail.


Tatha Kitchen and Bar

Whether you fancy breakfast or lunch or refuel with coffee and cake, Tatha is the place to be.

Afternoon tea

Our afternoon tea is beautifully designed to reflect our unique blend of Scottish location and Japanese inspiration.

Cake and coffee cart

The cake and coffee cart is perfect for a little pick-me-up!


Luminary No.1 - 2022 Edition    

Bringing together the passion, skill, and ambition of The Dalmore Master Distiller and Whisky Maker with Luminaries of art and design.

Cuddly Creature Alert!

These cuddly creatures are knitted from the softest lambswool yarn, then assembled and embroidered by hand, therefore no two are exactly alike. 

The Jute, Jam & Journalism Jumper

Created exclusively by Donna Wilson and knitted in the traditional Fair Isle style of two colors per horizontal row, the unique pattern represents Dundee’s maritime past and the three historic pillars of the industry for which the city was once famed –Jute, Jam, and Journalism.

Other shops that are equally impressive are Studio Plica Jewelry and Selkie's Save Our Seas Tote Bag.

The amazing museum building, the diverse collections, the refreshments, and most importantly, the atmosphere of the place and the fascinating exhibitions make this a must-visit while in London.