Theatre & Concert Halls

The map of theatre & concert showcases places of interest around the United Kingdom for live shows. Theatre Severn is a theatre that offers a wide variety of performances, including ballet, opera, drama, and many more. Built-in 1878 by the local community with the help of a benefactor from Severns Valley, who donated £1,000 to build the theatre.  The Theatre Severn is a  mecca for touring musicals, shows, and pantomimes. It is a world-famous music venue in the heart of London and a must-see tourist destination for locals and visitors alike.

It features the world's oldest working waterwheel, a beautiful 1800s library, and interactive exhibits celebrating the region's history.

The Alnwick playhouse in the UK is one of the oldest surviving theatres. It was built in 1591. The theater has been restored and is open to the public. It is a great place to go for a night of theatre. It is a great place to catch a show while in the area. For more information on the theatre, you can check out their website. The Alnwick Playhouse is one of the best places to see live theatre in Northumberland. It is a must-see tourist destination in the UK. Also, the playhouse offers group performances that are an excellent opportunity to take in a play with your family, friends, or coworkers. The Alnwick Playhouse has a long history.

Torch Theatre is another theatre in Northumberland. It is based out of the old Royal Grammar School and was founded in 1987. Torch Theatre specializes in theatre for children and youth. They are also the host of the Alnwick Drama Festival.  The torch Theatre offers performances to the public. The plays are put on by Torch Theatre, as well as other organizations in the UK.  The children at their youth theatre also put on many smaller productions.

The Webster Memorial Theatre in Alnwick is another large venue for the performing arts. Many plays go on at the Webster Memorial Theatre. It is also home to the Alnwick Musical Theatre Company.  The theatre is available to the public for performances as well as rehearsals.  The Webster Memorial Theatre boasts of having one of the largest theatres in Northumberland and being available for meeting and conference facilities.  The Webster Memorial Theatre can also be used for private functions and weddings.  It is a large performance area with easy access to the town center.  The venue also offers drive-in access to the rear of the theatre. The Webster Memorial Theatre has hosted high-profile events like  "Comedy 4 Kids" to entertain children.  They have also organized "Gala Concerts" to show appreciation for those veterans who gave their lives for us.  The Webster Memorial Theatre also holds the annual "Webster Film Festival," which shows various films worldwide.

Ardhowen Theatre, located in  Enniscrone on the West coast of Northern Ireland, is a  prime location for your next holiday.  The beautiful  North Sligo area is a place for relaxation and enjoyment. The Ardhowen Theatre is host to many events, from live plays to drama productions and musicals.  The theatre is a perfect location for corporate entertainment or wedding.

Shakespeare Globe Theatre is one of the most popular tourist attractions in London, and a major venue for theatre productions. The reconstruction of the original Globe Theatre is an impressive feat, and a true testament to the dedication that people have to the work of William Shakespeare. Shakespeare's Globe Theatre is a reconstruction of the theater where Shakespeare performed. It was built in 1997 near its original location in London.

The history of the Globe Theatre is quite interesting. It was originally built in 1599 and burnt down in 1613.  After it collapsed, Samuel Pepys wrote about it and described how he could see the sky through the roof. The theater had a very short life span, but it was a huge hit while it was around.

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre is one of England's most popular tourist attractions, and it has many attractions.  One is the Swan Theater for playing Elizabethan plays. Another is the exhibition and education center where there are costumes, historic artifacts, and other exhibits to enjoy. There is also a set of Shakespeare's gardens that are open year-round.

The Royal Opera house is the biggest opera house in London and one of the biggest in the world, holding over three thousand people.  It has over seven million visitors every year and has been making great opera since its building in 1837. Its location is very central to the city of London, and it has been showing great opera for over a hundred years. Many great performers have performed here including the likes of Maria Callas, Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo. Some of the world ’s greatest opera works have been performed here including Don Giovanni, Carmen and The Barber of Seville. Prices for a night out here are very high, so you will only be able to see one of these operas if you have a lot more money than me. Despite the high price of tickets, the opera house is still a very popular venue. The Royal Opera House is very well known for its productions of operas and for the performances of some of the world ’s greatest operas.

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