The York Dungeons

The York Dungeons

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York Dungeon is a tourist attraction in York, England. York Dungeon depicts history of the dungeon using actor led shows, special effects and displays of models and objects. The York Dungeons reopened in March 2013 after a period of closure due to severe flooding.

York Dungeon was opened in 1986 at 12 Clifford Street, York, England. It was the second Dungeon attraction created, the first being the London Dungeon in 1975.  Like the London Dungeon, it was designed as a live-action interactive horror show loosely based on factual events throughout history. York Dungeon is a tourist attraction in York, England. York Dungeon depicts the history of the dungeon using actor-led shows, special effects, and displays of models and objects. The York Dungeons reopened in March 2013 after a period of closure due to severe flooding.  MERLIN Entertainments, which owns and runs visitor attractions including York Dungeon, has experienced growth across the board. The York Dungeon is a journey through 2000 years of York's darkest history, bringing together iconic characters, immersive sets, and thrilling special effects in a unique and exciting.

York Minster

As you enter the Minster heading ever deeper into the Dungeon itself meet Father/Sister Abostus and hear the Saxon chronicles of our land Eoforwic. Be careful as the Vikings approach by the second, heed all words & warnings, and above all else watch out for those named ‘EADWIG’.

Vengeance of the Vikings

You’re at the heart of the Viking invasion in 866AD! The last thing you wanted, as a trembling Saxon, is to bump into fearless Viking warrior Snore Short Sword. His arrogance and stupidity are as funny as it is dangerous. He’ll introduce you to viper pits, slavery, blood eagles, and more! A warrior from Viking Age York, or as they call it, Jorvik (that’s pronounced Yor-Vick). They’re looking for new Saxon slaves, and would you believe it, they might just have found some. This show has some frighteningly funny special effects! It’s so surprising, you won’t expect it in 1000 years. But you’ll have to come along to see if you can survive if you dare.

York Plague House

The Plague Doctor

It looks like you've been wandering through the plague-infested streets of York, 1551! (Un)Luckily for you, the plague doctor's surgery is nearby. Step inside and meet his assistant, who will happily check your sweaty bits for any signs of infection. The Plague Doctor's Assistant is on-hand and delights in demonstrating the full effects of the Plague in a graphic, theatrical (worryingly enthusiastic), and gross way. It's time to pull out the bits. This is one of the funniest shows of the York Dungeon. But beware, no one is safe from the effects of the plague. It doesn’t matter where you sit or whom you hide behind, if the plague doesn’t get you, the deadly cures might instead.

City Ghost

Walking through the narrow Shambles has made you desperate for shelter and some warmth. Enter 35 Stonegate, and come face to face with the troubled housekeeper, who will tell you the tragic tale of previous occupants of one of York’s most haunted buildings. The housekeeper of 35 Stonegate is typically Yorkshire, straight to the point, but also fearful of something, or someone. Listen closely to their tale, which took place on the very spot you stand on. But wait, there’s someone else here, someone who isn’t so welcoming of strangers. Have the previous residents returned from the grave after all?

Guy Fawkes

Guy Fawkes might have been caught underneath the Houses of Parliament, but his story began in York, where he was born in 1570. You're about to meet him; well, what's left of him? Discover what happened on the 5th of November 1605, the plot behind gunpowder and treason, and exactly what happened to Guy across 10 days of torture! York’s most infamous son, Guy Fawkes, is waiting to tell you all about his past, from local schoolboy to soldier and conspirator. But hang on, he’s got a mate with him, John Wright his old school pal was also part of the plot to blow up Parliament. So how did they both get caught?

The Torture Chamber

This one will have you screaming! Meet the torturer of York Castle. He's passionate about his job, good with his hands, and knows how to work his way around your body. It's just a shame that his objective is to tear you limb from limb and inflict unimaginable pain. The Torturer of the Castle Dungeon. They’re armed with some of the most ruthless instruments used to get a confession out of the most stubborn of mouths. No point being shy here peasants, the Torturer doesn’t care much for silence, and they always get a response in the end! This is a very interactive show, so if the Torturer asks you a question, you’d better answer! Prepare to cringe and laugh; history has never been so disgustingly entertaining.

The Courtroom

You now stand in the presence of Lord Chief Justice Venerable Vernon Pollard IV, the most revered Judge in all of York. Sharp as a hawk, they will find any and every guilty peasant in your group, one way or another! You cannot escape the long arm of the law. The greatest/worst Judge in all of York; the Lord Chief Justice will pick the unluckiest (or oddest looking) peasants in the group to stand trial for some truly awful crimes. Don’t even bother avoiding eye contact, that’s the #1 sign of guilt. Experience one of our most famous and funniest shows; you are encouraged to join in as much as possible. Boo, hiss, cheer, and laugh at the criminals as they are chosen from your group. But don’t look too smug, it might be you heading into the dock.


You find yourself in front of Micklegate Bar. The Executioner will be there soon, so practice your boos and cheers. After all, no execution is complete without a good baying mob. The Executioner is running a bit late, but their punishment isn’t. It doesn’t matter who swings the Axe, as long as it hits the head of the stinking traitor The fun isn’t stopping any time soon peasants, there’s even more audience interaction; plenty of shouting, booing, laughing, and a few surprising screams. You’ll almost wish it was your head getting chopped.

Curse of the Witch

The Curse of The Witch is based on the story of the infamous Isabella Billington, from Pocklington. She claims this is all a mistake, after all, witches don't exist... do they? Watch and wait, these are the final moments before her execution, maybe she will convince you she's innocent.

Dick Turpin

The local Stage Coach Driver, they’re friendly enough, but they have a few grim tales to tell. Their job is to keep passengers safe, but with an infamous Highwayman on the run, don’t be surprised if Dick Turpin himself shows up, and he always gets what he wants, one way or another! This immersive show takes place in an actual carriage. You’ll feel all the bumps of the road, and meet the unsavory characters who inhabit it. Expect scares, surprises, and one of York’s most infamous characters to make an appearance.

The York Dungeon is highly recommended because of its funny activities, brilliant actors and actresses, and informative experience of what life was like many years ago.