The State Rooms - Buckingham Palace

The State Rooms - Buckingham Palace

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Grand, 19th-century, state reception chambers, including the palace throne room. The State Rooms are the public rooms in the Palace where The Queen and members of the Royal Family receive and entertain their guests on State, ceremonial and official occasions. The Palace's nineteen State Rooms predominantly reflect the taste George IV (r. 1820-30).

The State Rooms - Buckingham Palace

Prepare to make the most of your visit to Buckingham Palace by making sure to visit the States Room. There is a lot that most of you here might not know about the States Room. Ensure that you read all that we have for you related to the States Room at Buckingham Palace.

A Brief Overview of The States Rooms

"State Rooms" are all those rooms that were created and built to serve as the public rooms of the Buckingham Palace, where the monarchs received, honoured and entertained their subjects and visiting dignitaries, and where they are still used today. Currently, the Queen and members of the Royal Family make considerable use of the State Rooms at Palace to welcome and entertain their guests here.

There are nineteen State Rooms in the Palace, and most of them are designed to suit the tastes of George IV. He had commissioned the architect John Nash to convert what had previously been known as Buckingham House into a majestic palace. It's possible that many of the items like furniture, chandeliers, and other artwork found in these rooms were purchased or manufactured for George IV's London residence, Carlton House.

In the present day, the State Rooms are adorned with many of the most prized possessions of the Royal Collection, including masterpieces by Canova, Van Dyck and Canaletto, and Sèvres porcelain.

In addition, many of the other State Rooms are now used for specific purposes. On exceptionally special occasions, such as during the Jubilees, the Queen receives letters from her subjects in the Throne Room. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were married in this chamber on April 29, 2011, and the ceremonial photos that followed were taken here.

As part of a State visit to the United Kingdom, guests are welcomed into the Music Room and introduced to The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, and the visiting head of state. A royal reception chamber for The Queen and other members of The Royal Family to congregate before formal engagements, the White Drawing Room is the most ornate and impressive of all the State Rooms.

Rooms That You Must Check Out

  • Library

In the 19th century, a massive tower was constructed to house the Library, which now occupies the entire first level. When the family is in residence, this is the room that they prefer to be in.

  • The Dining Room

Since mediaeval times, the Great Hall, which is now known as the State Dining Room, has served as the focal point of castle life. The Percy family has continued to utilise it on a regular basis to this day.

  • The Drawing Room

This room's plated and gilded ceiling, carved doors, wood dowel, window shutters, marble fireplace, and giant over-mantel mirror show the aesthetics.

  • The China Gallery

The Meissen, Paris, and Chelsea ceramic collections are presented in a manner influenced by the interior design of European porcelain palaces from the 17th and 18th centuries.

  • The Upper Guard Chamber

The Upper Guard Chamber, with its marble terrazzo floor, ornate plaster ceiling, and towering marble sculptures of Justice and Britannia, looks terrific.

  • The Lower Guard Chamber

After passing through the big oak entrance door, guests are greeted by the Lower Guard Chamber, which features an astonishing collection of Arms and Accoutrements, most of which date back to the late 18th century, as well as the Percy Tenantry Volunteers.


  • An adult ticket costs £23.00 per ticket
  • Family (2 adults, 3 under 17s) costs £59.00 per ticket
  • Over 60/Student (with valid ID) costs £21.00 per ticket
  • Under 17/Disabled costs £17.00 per ticket
  • Ticket for under 5 is free


Date - 1 Sept 2022 - 30 Sept 2022

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