The Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall

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The Royal Albert Hall is a concert hall on the northern edge of South Kensington, London. One of the United Kingdom's most treasured and distinctive buildings, it is held in trust for the nation and managed by a registered charity. It can seat 5,272. The Royal Albert Hall opened on 29 March 1871

The Royal Albert Hall

It's indeed possible that you will locate yourself in the Royal Albert Hall if you are attending a concert in London or simply out exploring. In addition to being a gorgeous example of Victorian architecture, this 140-year-old establishment has various unique tales to share. Founded in 1851 and named after Prince Albert, the Royal Albert Hall is a dynamic music hall hosts performances, exhibits, and education programs. The events held in the Royal Albert Hall vary from orchestral music to blues to modern works and everything in between.

History Of The Royal Albert Hall

There is a lot of great historical stuff associated with this music hall. While you can learn a lot about it on their tours, we will go over some of the more essential elements in this article.


Following the Great Exhibition's success in 1851, Prince Albert suggested building a permanent site nearby to support Victorian society's education. Albertopolis was a set of proposed structures in the area for this purpose.

Albert died before his goal could be realised; thus, the Albert Memorial was built to honour the man who initiated the proposal to establish educational institutions in Kensington.


On the 20th of May in 1867, Queen Victoria approved the Royal Charter that established the Corporation of the Hall of Arts and Sciences. The Hall, which Lucas Brothers constructed, is mostly made of Fareham Red brick and terra cotta, giving its well-known rustic appearance. The building was completed, and the ceremonial opening ceremony took place on March 29, 1871.


The Central Hall of Arts and Sciences was originally intended to be the name of the building when it was first proposed. As a tribute to her late husband, Prince Albert, the name was altered by Queen Victoria. On the day of the foundation stone placing, Queen announced the new name. Although the venue is now commonly referred to as the Royal Albert Hall, the official full name is the Royal Albert Hall of Arts and Sciences.

Information About Tours and Tickets of The Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall still hosts concerts, plays, and other events today. The Hall hosts various concerts and shows year-round, and guests can purchase tickets for any of these programs and performances when they become available online.


The Royal Albert Hall is open for tours and exhibitions throughout the year for people who wish to see it as a visitor rather than as a viewer in an audience. Guided tours of the Royal Albert Hall can be scheduled through the Royal Albert Hall website.

Highly skilled guides guide the Public Grand Tours. They take guests on a tour of the entire Royal Albert Hall, which includes the auditorium, the Queen's private chambers, and the Galleries of the Royal Collection. It will take around one hour for the tour to get completed.


  • £16.25 for adults
  • £8.25 for children

Notes: Afternoon Tea can be included in your tour for an additional fee. Private tours and Behind the Scenes Tours can be reserved in advance for groups of 15 or more.

How to reach the Royal Albert Hall?

Knightsbridge (Piccadilly Line) and South Kensington (Circle, District, and Piccadilly lines) are the nearest London Underground stations to the Royal Albert Hall. Bus lines 9, 10, 52, 70, 360, and 452 can also take you to the Hall. To get directions to the Royal Albert Hall from anywhere in the greater London area, we suggest using Google Maps.