The London Dungeons

The London Dungeons

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The London Dungeon is a tourist attraction along London's South Bank, England, which recreates various gory and macabre historical events in a gallows humour style. It uses a mixture of live actors, special effects and rides. The London Dungeon was established on 15 September 1974.

The London Dungeon, one of the UK’s most iconic attractions, has reinvented itself now as a bigger, bolder, and better attraction in the vast underground vaults of County Hall on the South Bank, next to the EDF Energy London Eye.  It uses a mixture of live actors, special effects, and rides.

The London Dungeon features 19 shows, 20 actors, and 2 rides. Visitors are taken on a journey through 1000 years of London's history where they meet actors performing as some of London's most infamous characters, including Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd. The Dungeon's shows are staged on theatrical sets with special effects. The guests will be guided through ghastly plague-ridden streets, witness Guy Fawkes’ dramatic plot to blow up Parliament, travel back to Jack the Ripper’s bleak Whitechapel, and walk beneath London’s foreboding medieval gates. There are new shows and rides which are more dramatic and surprising than ever, new funnier scripts, more theatrical costumes and styling, and more talented actors to play even more colourful villains and blaggards.

Highlights of the Shows

The Tyrant Boat ride

Experience the full force of Henry VIII's wrath in an altogether darker and scarier experience on the Tyrant Boat Ride.

"On the boats to Traitor’s gate, that is where you’ll meet your fate!"

Jack the Ripper

Welcome to the Ten Bells Pub, come in from the storm. Have a pint (don't mind if we do) and settle those nerves. However this is no ordinary pub, this is the Ten Bells where Jack the Ripper's victims once drank.

Drop Dead: Drop Ride

The crowd cheers and it's your turn to face the drop. The noose is ready as are the Judge, Priest, and executioner. The thrilling faster than gravity drop is the ultimate end to your Dungeon journey.

Guy Fawkes' Gunpowder Plot

Beyond the city gates, you enter a dark, rat-infested tunnel that winds back beneath the city of London. Dare you proceed?

You shouldn't concern yourselves with a certain unlit fuse next to all the gunpowder. Just relax and enjoy the history… it's never been so explosive.

Escape The Great Fire of London

It’s the 2nd of September 1666 and the smell of freshly baked bread is wafting through the air. Why not step into the bakery of one Thomas Farriner on Pudding Lane? His assistant Lucky Lou is on hand to serve you, just be sure you don't get too close to the ovens. wouldn't want to cause any mass destruction and panic right? Good, that's our job!

Sweeney Todd

Fancy a short back and sides? Looking for a haircut? Sweeney Todd can see you now and Mrs. Lovett's assistant is more than happy to show you in.

You've each got your own seat in the barbershop - how kind of Sweeney to be so accommodating! Mrs. Lovett's assistant seems slightly on edge though... wonder why?

What's that noise? Mrs. Lovett's getting the ovens fired up? That's odd... never mind, we're sure it's nothing. Time to sit back nice and still as Sweeney gets to work..!

The Plague Doctor

"The rats carry the fleas, the fleas carry the plague, the fleas bite YOU."

It's 1665 and the Black Plague is rife. Wander down the winding muddy alley past houses with red crosses, rotting bodies, and black rats.

The Tavern

At the end of the Dungeon tour lies The Tavern. With your heart still pumping from your time in the Dungeon, collapse into a well-cushioned chair in a vibrant, decadent, and dodgy Victorian pub of 1896. Enjoy one of your favourite beers, a delectable gin, and tonic, or perhaps a themed cocktail.

London is a city with a long and storied past, and the London Dungeon brings it alive with a thrilling (and terrifying) 90-minute experience. There is no age limit for the London Dungeon - but the recommended minimum age is 12 years old. Some attractions are scary, and there's no guarantee that kids won't have nightmares!


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