The Gobbins Cliff Path

The Gobbins Cliff Path

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A walk along the Gobbins cliff path is more than just a fun day out in nature. It's a journey through time and into the elements You'll gain new perspective on the sea, on Northern Ireland's landscape and on yourself. Carved from the rock. Steeped in history. Teeming with wildlife. The Gobbins Cliff Path in a unique and dreamlike experience.

The Gobbins Cliff Path

Northern Ireland is filled with many amazing attractions but one that is unique and considered one of the most dramatic cliffs walks in Europe is ‘The Gobbins’. It is a spectacular cliff path located in Islandmagee, County Antrim along the Causeway Coastal Route. The original path at The Gobbins was opened in 1902, and immediately became a popular attraction with both tourists and locals. Designed by Berkeley Deane Wise, a railway engineer, the Gobbins offered a unique way of exploring the undiscovered coastline.

Experience thrilling Gobbins Cliff Path

  • The Gobbins experience takes you along a striking cliff face, across breath-taking bridges, and into hidden caves along the North Channel. These bridges give you a distinctive view of the surrounding area both above and below.
  • Over the course of The Gobbins Tour you’ll be taken on a trek along an often narrow and uneven path that wraps around some of Antrim’s beautifully craggy basalt cliffs.

The tunnel: There’s one main tunnel at The Gobbins Walkway. This dark and slightly eerie passageway

was carved through a basalt outcrop. It’ll take you below sea level and you’ll be able to hear

the thunder of the sea crashing against the walls as you walk through it.

The swinging bridge: This is the suspension bridge that takes you across a deep inlet that, over time, carved out a cave in the cliff face. The bridge was constructed from high-tension cables and provides a nice stable platform as you soak up the coastal views.

The clifftop viewpoint: It’s from the clifftop viewpoint that you’re treated to glorious views of the Seven Sisters caves along with the Kraken Cave and Heddles Port.

The Aquarium: At one point along the path, the walk bends like an elbow out into the Irish Sea, creating a “natural aquarium of seawater”. Take a moment to see if you can spot some of the many species of fish swimming below.

The Tubular Bridge: It is modelled on the original, the Tubular Bridge is an exposed tubular walkway hanging some 10 meters above the swirling seas, this bridge is exposed so you may end up getting a splash or two! Its 20m-long Tubular circular Bridge is located about a third of the way into the mile-long coastal path and is the trail’s most iconic feature. It is one of the most spectacular sights in the Gobbins.

Wise’s Eye: Named after the path’s creator over 100 years ago, Wise’s Eye was made to provide access to “the most spectacular section of the original path over crashing waves to sunken caves and sheer cliff faces.”

The Man O’War: There are various rock formations along the Causeway Coast caused by the constant sea swells that are dotted along the route. The Man O’War is a sea stack that was formed from the cooling of molten lava. If you look at it closely, you will see that it slightly resembles a battleship.

Gobbins Biodiversity: As you are exploring the rugged coastline, there are countless opportunities to spot some wildlife. Due to the high cliffs and hidden ledges, the Gobbins are a hotspot for different types of birds. There are puffins, razorbills, and even cormorants. Sometimes as you walk across the footbridges, you may even spot a seal or two in the waters below!

The visitors centre provides accommodation for the Gobbins tourist and consists of a cafe, gift shop, exhibition area, and staff accommodation and virtual reality experience within the Visitor Centre.

The Gobbins Café: it is located in the heart of the Visitor Centre; it serves tasty local sourced dishes which you can select from a special themed menu. Emphasis is always on good quality food.

Shopping: Take home a token of your adventures at The Gobbins from our range of gifts and souvenirs.

An amazing and breath-taking coastline, it’s a modern-day marvel - constructing bridges through the rocky cliff on one side and mighty ocean on the other side. An excellent way to spend a day and a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


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