The Edinburgh Dungeons

The Edinburgh Dungeons

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The Edinburgh Dungeon is an underground tourist attraction in Edinburgh's city centre, on East Market Street, which uses live actor shows and interactive rides to show various historical events from Scottish history in a scary fun style, with audience interaction and special effects, theatrical sets and performance.

The Edinburgh Dungeons is an underground tourist attraction in Edinburgh's city centre, which uses live actor shows and interactive rides to show various historical events from Scottish history in a scary fun style. With audience interaction and special effects, theatrical sets, and performance, the Edinburgh Dungeon is an award-winning, 70-minute interactive, and immersive, an underground walk-through experience that brings thousands of years of Scottish history to life before your very eyes!

Edinburgh Dungeon Highlights

There are 11 shows, 15 actors, and 2 rides at the Edinburgh Dungeon. Visitors are led through 500 years of Edinburgh's history where they encounter performers portraying some of the city's most notorious figures.

The Dungeon's performances are produced on theatrical stages with extraordinary effects like air jets, levitation tricks, spinning walls, and floors that shake.

The show features characters like "The Torturer," "The Foul Clenger" (Plague Cleaner), and "The Judge" and integrates historical events like The Plague and the Salem Witch Trials. There’s also a mirror maze where you might get lost trying to make your way through the Edinburgh Vaults underground.

The Torture Chamber

The Torturer’s going to get you by butcher’s hook or by crook and can’t wait to make you squirm. The Torturer is very good at their job and always looking for 'volunteers'’ to test their implements on. All the torture implements used in the Torture show are replicas of authentic tools used in the city and across Europe in medieval times!

The Courtroom

The show features 17th century Edinburgh courtroom and costumes for this show are inspired by real clothing worn by Judges from the 17th century. So are the hideous crimes and the even more hideous judgments.

Witches' Judgement

On entering the Witch Pricker’s interrogation chamber, you will come face to face with Agnes Finnie – an accused of witchcraft in 1645. The concept is the first out of all the Dungeons and is one of the guest’s favourite shows.

Cannibal's Cave

Enter the cannibal's cave and find yourself creeping through the Bean clan’s foul-smelling lair to discover the leftovers of lost travellers. This show uses many special effects which must be carefully timed to work with the actors’ performance.

Drop Dead Ride

A drop ride inspired by the Grass Market gallows welcomes audience participation. The event includes a free-fall attraction called Drop Ride to Doom which is constructed to look like a public hanging.

The Anatomy Theatre

Medical science always needs a volunteer, so it’s a good job you just stepped into Dr. Knox’s Anatomy Theatre. You are a 19th-century medical student here to witness the autopsy of one of Burke & Hare’s victims – Edinburgh’s most notorious serial killers!

Educational Visits

Bring your class on a school trip to The Edinburgh Dungeon and our troupe of experienced, professional actors will take your students on a grisly journey into the town’s most notorious past, It’ll be a lesson they will never forget.


The Edinburgh Dungeon Shop has a fantastic range of goodies to remember your visit! Like the Dungeon, it is a unique experience and is only accessible from inside the Dungeon.

The Edinburgh Dungeon brings together an amazing cast of theatrical actors, special effects, stages, scenes, and rides in a truly unique and exciting walkthrough experience that you see, hear, touch, smell, and feel. It’s hilarious fun and it’s sometimes a bit scary.