The Eden Project Biomes

The Eden Project Biomes

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The Eden Project is a visitor attraction in Cornwall, England, UK. The project is located in a reclaimed china clay pit, located 2 km from the town of St Blazey and 5 km from the larger town of St Austell. Designed by Nicholas Grimshaw. Construction started in 1998 and opened to the public on 17 March 2001.

The Eden Project


The world-famous Eden project is located in Cornwall, UK. Architect Nicholas Grimshaw designed it. The biome Structure is inspired by the moon and designed using hexagonal panels. There are typically three biomes: the tropical biome, the Mediterranean biome and the outdoor biome. The outer door biome remains uncovered, and there are different plants in the tropical biome like fruiting bananas, trees, coffee, rubber, etc. In the Mediterranean biome, there are famous European plants such as grapevines and olives. Overall the visit to the Eden project and the rainforest biome is worth it. So, if you have planned your journey to Cornwall, UK, don't forget to visit the beautiful Eden project. Its bubble-like biomes catch the eyesight and have marvelous plants from overall the world. These giant structures are made from inflatable plastic and give myriad to the plants that are there from overall the globe. Isn't it amazing to watch it? 


Well, some amazing facts can tempt you to visit the place once.


It cost over £ 100 million. 

The famous Eden Project is worth it as its value is over 100 million. To build this attractive tourist spot, different government institutions and Millennium commissions provided funds. It got appropriate funds in 2000, and it was built entirely in 2001. The Eden project contributes a huge amount to the local economy. 

Made of Inflatable plastic 

 The biomes have a hexagonal shape, and each cell is made of a copolymer, tetrafluoroethylene, and ethylene.

It is famous for its musical performance. 

The Eden Project hosts musical performances. World-renowned musicians perform here. All thanks to the unique venue and the idea of this project. There are a lot of things to do in Cornwall. There are a lot of beautiful spaces and places for eating and drinking. 

Here is a small guide for the ones who want to visit the Eden Project. 


  1. The Giant Bee

The Eden Project has a large sculpture of a bee that reminds people constantly about its importance. The Longevity of bees is crucial for the survival of humans, and thus, this incredible bee sculpture reminds us of that.


  1. Mediterranean Biome

The Eden Project is an artificial home for plants that need a Mediterranean climate because certain plants need an environment cooler than the existing one in the rainforest biome. The Eden Project has plants from overall the globe. So, it also contains varieties of plants from the Mediterranean, Australia and others.


  1. The eve sculpture 

There is another incredible sculpture apart from the giant bee in the Eden project, the eve sculpture. One cannot miss such a better creature. As per the people and the cultural belief, the sculpture has been made from Eden clay, and it's said it changes the seasons. Well, it is exciting to see such a creature.


  1. Canopy Walkway

The canopy walkway is a pretty good place to enjoy the view and take a walk too. The walk in the canopy walkway tells the importance of the rainforest. The entry to the canopy is included in the admission fee taken in the starting. 


  1. Adrenaline at the Eden project 

It is wholly interesting to stroll around the Eden project and see the nature and the artificial creation of humans. However, what about adrenaline pumping isn't that great? There are fun activities in the Eden Project, and people can enjoy all the fun activities there. There is a giant swing that is adventurous.


  1. About the Food

When it comes to eating, there are some options in the Eden project like Eden kitchen restaurant which is considered the best. Eden kitchen prepares tasty food, and the best part is, they cook it in front of your eyes. Eden chefs make gratifying food, and you will surely love it. Along with the Eden kitchen, there is Eden coffee house, Eden core cafe. Mediterranean terrace, and Eden core cafe.


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