The British Museum

The British Museum

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The British Museum, in the Bloomsbury area of London, England, is a public institution dedicated to human history, art and culture. Its permanent collection of some eight million works is among the largest and most comprehensive in existence, having been widely collected during the era of the British Empire.

The British Museum


The British Museum is famous for preserving and displaying the remarkable collection that showcases the British culture over years. Every year, people visit to witness world-famous objects like Egyptian mummies, Rosetta Stone and many others.  The outstanding archaeology in the British Museum in London is worth witnessing. It has exhibited artefacts that teaches a lot about the old British culture. Here are a few things listed below that no one would ever want to miss there. 


  1. Rosetta Stone

The whole different looking Rosetta stone has the potential to attract visitors. It uncovers the story of the Egyptian Hieroglyphs and is the famous object in the museum. Rosetta was once a part of the giant stone slab and has something official carved into it. Experts use the official order carved on the Rosetta stone to decipher some hieroglyphs texts. The decree is written in three languages hieroglyphs, demotic, and Ancient Greek. It is worth it to see the famous language-learning stone in the museum.


  1. Sophilos Vase


This vase is known by the name of the artist who painted this ancient Greek bowl, "Sophilos". Sophilos Vase is a wine bowl made to hold the wine in a feast. On visiting the museum, one can see the fine artistic crafting and the inscribed words. "Sophilos made me" has been well inscribed by the painter. The bowl showcases the Greek culture and unveils the wedding scenes of the great warriors of the Trojan war. Isn't it beautiful to explore the old culture via these artefacts?


  1. The tomb of Unknown craftsman


Who doesn't wish to see different forms of art? After all, unique art exhibits unique stories. The same is with Grayson Perry's The tomb of the Unknown Craftsman. This art is a memorial from prize-winning Grayson Perry, the trustee of the museum. No one can resist admiring the artwork on the temporary display. 


  1. Lfe Head


There is an antique brass head probably 600 years old in the British Museum. The lfe head looks remarkably natural and is the head of a king from the African kingdom of lfe. The lfe head exhibits human art and how naturally humans at that time used to craft such beautiful pieces. The antique piece represents the history of the old rulers of medieval Africa. These eye-catchy pieces cannot be ignored. 

There are many more things to see in the museum such as Crouching Venus. It is an antique sculpture of the goddess Aphrodite. In the case of Romans, it is Goddess Venus. Museum has another sculpture called the tree of life which is the most beautiful one made in 2004 by renowned four artists.


Facts about the British Museum

The British Museum has popular exhibits like the language learning Rosetta stone, Oxus Treasure, and the Elgin Marbles. All this is a famous collection of a variety of artefacts. The metalwork selection of the period of 1877-1880 is amazing, it has survived from the Achaemenid period. The marbles are a collection of ancient Greek sculptures, and there is a story behind every sculpture and antique piece in the museum.


The famous guard of this museum was earlier a cat. Over the centuries, It used to be the home of a lot of cats, and the name of the most famous cat was Mike. After his death, the museum staff featured his obituary in TIME Magazine. Aren't these facts amazing?  


There are many controversial facts too about the British Museum. The museum is having an antique collection from different countries. Even the heard things are that those countries are demanding the return of their artefacts whereas the museum is not going to return any item.