The map of surfing showcases places where surfing is prominent in the UK.  The Hayle River mouth, Cornwall is one of the amazing surfing locations in the UK.  There is a number of attractions for people to do while surfing . The place even has what it takes to prepare people for show off their out fitting skills.  Hayle River mouth is also an off-leash dog beach so people can bring their pets to enjoy the recreational activities on this side of the area. There is a lot of history about this area so visitors can look forward to learning more about it after they have toured this place and surfed it.

Hayling Island is another great surfing location in the UK.  The Hayling Island is one of the favourite fishing resorts for people who are lovers of sport fishing. There are a number of fishing contests that happen on a yearly basis in this island and people from all over the world come to compete with each other. People come to surf at Hayling Island in the sweet summer months when the temperatures are low; the best time to surf in this place is between June and August. The waves generated in this place during these months are generally in the range of three feet in height; but in the winter waves in the level of four to six feet can be seen. It is considered as one of the best beach in the UK.

Watergate Bay in Cornwall is a perfect example of all the right elements coming together in one place to create a unique surfing destination.  Watergate Bay is a surf spot that works on most tides.  Facing straight out into the Atlantic, Watergate Bay picks up a lot of groundswell and is a safe bet during small waves. The Bay works best on a light south-easterly offshore wind, but the best thing is that waves are sheltered at high tide by our big imposing cliffs.  the Bay plays host to The English National Surfing Championships every May.

Herne Bay  is unsuspected surfing location of the country. It is a coastal town located on the south-east side of an estuary of River Great Stour where the river joins River Thames. The town itself has a history which goes back thousands of years ago and is where artifacts were found that date around BC 4330–2580 . Also found were flint tools, iron age remains, Roman era remains.  Herne Bay is a surfing location which can have big-wave or reef breaks in the right conditions, which attracts many professional surfers around the country. 

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