St George's Chapel

St George's Chapel

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St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle in England is a chapel built in the late-medieval Perpendicular Gothic style. It is both a Royal Peculiar and the Chapel of the Order of the Garter. It is located in the Lower Ward of the castle. St George's Chapel was built in 1475 and has Grade-1 Listed status.

St. George’s Chapel is regarded as one of England's most beautiful ecclesiastical buildings. Located on the north side of the Lower Ward of Windsor Castle, the chapel is the spiritual home to the Order of the Garter, one of the oldest and most important orders of chivalry in the world.

The construction of the Chapel began in 1475 by Edward IV and then was substantially restored by King George III in the late 1700s.

Highlights of St. George’s Chapel

  • St George's Chapel is a place of worship for The Queen and the Royal Family as well as a church serving the local community. Built by kings, shaped by the history of the Royal Family, and still the location for both splendid Royal events and private family moments.
  • It is the traditional home of the 26 Knights and Ladies of The Most Noble Order of the

Garter - Britain's highest order.

  • The architecture represents one of the country's finest examples of the 'Perpendicular Gothic style.
  • It is characterized by large windows and tall, slender pillars giving the impression of grace and elegance. The chapel features remarkable examples of medieval woodwork and ironwork.
  • The facades are decorated with heraldic emblems of the ruling houses of Lancaster and York - in the north are the deer, bulls, falcons, and black dragons of the Yorks, and in the south are the unicorns, lions, swans, and red dragons of the Lancaster’s.
  • The fan vaulting in the nave and choir is impressive, as is the stained-glass west window. Behind and above the stalls are the coats of arms, banners, and decorative plumes of 700 Knights of the Order.
  • The magnificent Sovereign’s Stall seat, previously used by The Queen, dates from the late eighteenth century.
  • St George’s Chapel has also been the scene of great joy, most memorably in recent times the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in May 2018.
  • It is the site of several royal tombs and memorials and is now the final resting place of the late Queen Elizabeth II.
  • It is also a place of worship. At least three services occur in the chapel daily, and worshippers are welcome to attend.
  • St George's is the Chapel of the Order of the Garter. It is where The Queen used to worship each Easter Sunday, often joined by members of the family that she loved so much. In June there is usually a special service attended by The Queen and the other Knights and Ladies of the Order, who include other members of the Royal Family.

Shopping at St. George Chapel’s

One can take home memories in the form of candles, mugs, photo frames, books, crockery, and Key chains.

St. George’s Chapel will be the final resting place of Queen Elizabeth II. She will be buried here with full state honours.

An absolutely magnificent building from start to finish. Exquisite detail and breath-taking views inside as well as out. A glorious sight to experience and enjoy.