Shugborough Estate

Shugborough Estate

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Shugborough Hall is a stately home near Great Haywood, Staffordshire, England. The hall is situated on the edge of Cannock Chase, about 5.8 miles east of Stafford and 4.7 miles from Rugeley. The estate was owned by the Bishops of Lichfield until the Dissolution of the Monasteries, upon which it passed through several hands before being purchased in 1624 by William Anson, a local lawyer and ancestor of the Earls of Lichfield.

Shugborough Estate

Not only does the Shugborough Estate have enough activities to keep the whole family entertained, but it is also a beautiful setting. The outside play areas and farmyard will be a hit with the kids. And if you're searching for something more physical to do while visiting, you may participate in the wellness trail or one of the many well-marked hikes. Make sure you allow yourself enough time to take it all in before you go.

Brief History of Shugborough Estate

Shugborough Hall was first built in the 1600s. Having purchased the estate from the Bishops of Lichfield, William Anson set about transforming it into his vision of a tranquil rural retreat. The project was completed in 1693, all thanks to his grandson. After the old manor home was expanded and refurbished, it was transformed into the magnificent Georgian mansion that it is today.

As you walk through the house, you will notice that it has apparent naval links, which are clearly evident. Admiral George Anson, the great-grandchild of the original William Anson, served as First Lord of the Admiralty and, throughout his naval career, seized a Spanish ship with a treasure trove of historical items. It is possible to see some examples of these in the house today. While his brother Thomas resided in the home, he also designed and built many of the monuments that can be found throughout the Shugborough Estate as you explore it.

Rather than paying death charges, the Shugborough Estate was handed to the National Trust in 1966. In 2016, they took over full ownership and management of the Hall from the previous proprietors. Keeping it in good condition and allowing it to continue to welcome tourists to its magnificent gardens is their priority.

Check Out the Monuments at Shugborough Estate

When exploring the Shugborough Estate, you'll come across a number of monuments and castles.

  • The most well-known structure is arguably Hadrian's Arch, which is located at the summit of the hill. The design, which is based on one found in Athens, is meant to commemorate Thomas Anson's interest in Ancient Greece.
  • One of the most favourite spots is The Ruin, which is located at the end of the home, directly in front of the lake. It was formerly home to a Gothic pigeon house! The edifice, which is now classed as Grade II, practically appears to be sinking into the lake in places.
  • One bust of Thomas and another of his wife Elizabeth can be found here, as well. Although the trek up the hill to this Grade I listed arch is not particularly hard, it is the best viewing point on the estate.
  • The Chinese House, as well as the two red bridges that go up to it, is one of the most unusual landmarks in the area. It is one of the first examples of Oriental design in the United Kingdom.
  • The beautiful Georgian Mansion House at Shugborough has reopened its doors to the public. You may go inside and see what life would have been like for the servants who worked on the estate. Numerous rooms have been preserved just as the Anson Family would have known them. Furthermore, it is a remarkable piece of historical evidence.
  • A trip to Shugborough Estate will be a hit with the kids. During the majority of the school holidays, there will be a child-friendly trail to follow around the Estate, which will be an excellent place for kids to explore. There are a plethora of opportunities for recreation.