Sandringham Royal Park

Sandringham Royal Park

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Sandringham House is a country house in the parish of Sandringham, Norfolk, England. It is the private home of Elizabeth II, whose father, George VI, and grandfather, George V, both died there. The house stands in a 20,000-acre estate in the Norfolk Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Sandringham Royal Park

Consider visiting Sandringham Royal Park, one of the most famous tourist destinations in the county of Norfolk. Put yourself in the shoes of the British Royal family, who visit the opulent mansion and gardens as a vacation retreat throughout the holiday season.

Brief Of Sandringham Royal Park

Sandringham Royal Park is presently spread over 243 hectares in size, and it is open to the public for enjoyment. There are abundant creatures, insects, birds, and plants in this area since it is planted with an assortment of evergreen and seasonal trees. Corsican and Scots Pine dominate the landscape, with Oak, Sweet Chestnut, and Birch also present.

The Royal Park is open to the public for walking or cycling daily throughout the year. If you stay nearby, then bring along your dogs, as well. There are two signposted Natural Routes pass through the park, one of which is 112 miles long and the other of which is 212 miles long, and numerous more woodland pathways to explore for a simple stroll or a leisurely hike.

A recent remodelling project has resulted in the extension of the Children's Play Area. A high tower inspired by the local Appleton Water Tower with multi-level water play, which is wheelchair accessible, has been constructed with more demanding equipment and high-level walkways.

A special play area, high-level walks, better landscaping, and new seating places have also been created for toddlers. To improve accessibility, new walkways and vegetation have been installed around the visitor car parking lots. Families that visit Sandringham Royal Park should look forward to a fun-filled day in the Children's Play Area.

Other Information


Weekends are best to visit, as the Sandringham Royal Park and House are open from 10 AM to 4 PM, Thursday to Saturday. Fridays and days when the Queen is in residence are off access. Additional information can be found on the website. Parking is provided from 6 AM to 9 PM.


For adults, a combined ticket to the House and Gardens will cost £20 per adult, with children under the age of 18 get free entry. Entry to  Sandringham Royal Park is free. However, entry to the gardens is £12 per person. You will be charged according to how long you will be parking. You can park for free at the Sandringham House or Gardens if you have purchased a ticket for any of them. Simply enter your registration number at the ticket office.