RSPB & WWT Reserves

The map of RSPB & WWT Reserves identifies the locations for Royal Society for the Protection of Birds & Wetland and Wildlife Trust Reserves in the UK.  RSPB & WWT Reserves in Cambridge of interest to many, including me.  It is a must-see for anyone interested in wildlife and conservation, and every year this Reserve hosts an event called Bird Fair.  This event takes place over the Bank Holiday weekend in April at the Cambridge Museum of Zoology, which is part of the university and is built on the site where the university first started.  

Fowlsheugh RSPB is another nature reserve in the Scottish Borders that is special.  It has a large diversity of birdlife, and on many occasions, I have heard the Linnets in the reedbeds.  They are a common bird and very easy to see throughout Britain.  However, it's always nice to spot a species that is not commonly seen locally. This was the case on my last visit to this reserve when I heard the booming call of a Bittern.  This particular bird is quite rare in Britain, only heard and seen a handful of times.  The last time I saw a bittern was on a trip to the saltmarsh at Dunstanburgh Castle, which I also visited on this trip.  It's not hard to think why the Bittern is rare in Britain; it is a secretive bird that remains hidden. This was the case on this visit to the RSPB, as I had to wait around for a good half an hour before the bird showed itself, but when it did, it was well worth the wait!

Inversnaid RSPB Reserve - Inversnaid is a remote and beautiful place near Loch Lomond and the Trossachs. There are quite a few places to stay nearby, and it is really easy to spend a day or two here.  The Inversnaid RSPB Reserve is currently undergoing renovation work, but I could still see a few birds here.

St Bees Head RSPB Reserve - Many people have recommended this reserve, as it has one of Britain's most important seabird colonies. It is not a disappointment.  This is a very remote place, and the ferry from Cumbria drops you off at the head of the beach. It is stunning, and the birds were wonderful to see. St Bees Head RSPB Reserve has a visitor centre, shop and cafe where you can eat - the food was reasonably priced and good quality. I would recommend a visit to this place.

Winterbourne Downs RSPB Reserve is a beautiful location on the Solway Firth in Cumbria. Part of the Reserve is a converted farmhouse with lots of different rooms to explore. I was particularly interested in the curator's office and the old farmhouse kitchen. There is a lovely garden outside with picnic benches and many birds to see. The cafe is reasonably priced, and the food was good quality. I would recommend visiting this place.

Fore Wood RSPB Reserve can be was tricky to find, but it is well worth it for the lovely location.  There are so many different areas to explore, and the area is well looked after. There is a very nice cafe on site that does high-quality food. I particularly liked the look of the nature trail where you could walk through a grass-covered gully. The cafe serves very nice teas, and there are plenty of picnic areas to enjoy your lunch. I would recommend this as a nice place for a day out!

Lough Foyle RSPB Reserve in Northern Ireland is located just outside the town of Coleraine.  The centre gives you a great insight into just how amazing and varied birdlife is in the area. There are live birds you can see and watch bird shows, and there are plenty of facts and information on the displays. The best thing about this centre is you get a free boat ride to see the wildlife across Lough Foyle. It's a great place to visit if you're interested in birds, if you live nearby or if you've got a bit of time to kill.

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