The map of Paragliding showcases paragliding locations in the UK.  The Abertysswg is a paragliding location in South Wales.  If you are new to Paragliding, then Abertynyswg is the place to start.   There are no obstructions around the landing site, making it easier to learn how to do this sport.  Please bear in mind that not all sites are equipped for high-frequency use.  Before going on any practice flight, sign all appropriate paperwork with the expert instructor, make sure you are properly kitted with safety equipment, and sign on the correct forms instructing you of safety protocols.

Blorenge is another Paragliding location in the UK located in the centre of the Monnock mountain range. It is about an hour's drive from Abergavenny and four miles from the Brecon Beacons national park. This site is exposed to strong winds and is still a very active take-off and landing spot.  Many beginner and experienced pilots fly from this site.  If facing east, roughly 10 km away, you can see Swansea bay, where strong winds might be originating from. You will have to be aware of this when launching. As with any paragliding site in the UK, you will need to keep an eye out for increasing wind speeds and be ready to launch quickly if you need to.  Concerning landing, the grass ground slopes away steeply very near the hilltop; after this, you will need to anticipate landing moves to avoid rolling onto your wing.

Ebbw Vale is a Paragliding site that requires a 280m wide piece of flat grass / open field with a slope on one side.  It consists of a full-size 300m airstrip and a secondary approx 300m airstrip. The Ebbw Vale site is situated directly on the Welsh / English border. It lies on undulating agricultural land higher than surrounding farmland and safely accommodating pilots during normal flying hours. The site consists of 2 central areas linked down two separate corridors to the south and has the advantage of a large open assembly area for rigging once near take-off.

Mynydd Meio is also a paragliding location dedicated to competitions in the Glyn Rhonwy district of Pen-y-Bont ar Ogwr. The site has a large flat area, although a rocky outcrop central to the flying area makes for challenging flying conditions. However, the site offers unparalleled views of Llyn Peris, the Ogwen Valley, and Snowdon, making the effort of learning the site more than worthwhile.

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