Nature Reserves

The map of nature reserves identifies natural habitats for preservations. The Great Trossachs Forest National Reserve is in the West of Scotland. It is a National Nature Reserve (NNR) designated for its old-growth forest. The reserve has a very high diversity of habitats and species because of the different geology and landforms, and it also includes wetlands protected by European legislation.

The exact area of the NNR is 6,000 hectares which makes it one of Scotlands largest national nature reserves. Some of the most distinctive features are the Ben A'an forest, which covers 2,400 hectares and is an old-growth ancient coniferous forest with Scots Pine, Common Juniper and Mountain Birch trees and shrub layers that include shrub layers Blueberry and Cranberry. The wetland areas support nationally rare plant species such as Royal Ferns and Bog Orchid and moorland species such as Cloud Brickell, Mossy Saxifrage, Mountain Avens and Wood Spurge.

The Great Trossachs Forest National Reserve supports a high diversity of woodland invertebrates that include various damselfly and dragonfly species. There are also many different species of birds, including Greylag Geese, Ospreys and Red Kites, and deer such as Fallow Deer.

The ancient forest has been present for 5-6 thousand years or more, and it has a wide variety of trees species such as Scots Pine, Spruce, Larch and Oak. The pine forest is protected under the Forestry Act in Scotland, which means no logging is allowed.

The National Reserve was established after regeneration projects were carried out to restore areas damaged during the clear-fell harvesting between 1914-1942. This involved removing native woodland to replanting it with non-native conifers. In 2007 the 'Strathallan Fells' was added to the reserve and provided habitats for plants like Devil's-bit Scabious, Wood Anemone and Bluebells.

The Largiebaan nature reserves is another place of interest in the local area. The Largiebaan nature reserves are a place where one can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery all around. It is located near Bridgend, on the coastline of Loch Lomond and provides a great location for a nice walk.

The nature reserves at Largiebaan is a popular location for people from around the area. It is a very peaceful place to go, with little traffic and no noise pollution. People can relax and enjoy nature as it was intended to be enjoyed.

Several paths lead around the nature reserves at Largiebaan, providing easy access for visitors of all abilities. You can go for a long walk around the entire nature reserves, or you can do a short loop.

There are several interesting plants and wildlife at Largiebaan nature reserves, including wood anemones, wild garlic and marram grass. There is also a small wooded area that has been planted by the local council and the Friends of Largiebaan nature reserves, which is slowly being overtaken by native Scottish trees.

There are various bird species at Largiebaan nature reserves, including chaffinches, robins, great tits and blue tits. There is also a fantastic array of butterflies such as gatekeepers, peacocks, small tortoiseshells and speckled wood.

Anybody looking for a nice relaxing walk through peaceful countryside should check out the Largiebaan nature reserves. The beautiful scenery is a real treat for everyone.

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