Mountain Biking

The map of Mountain Biking showcases locations where Mountain Biking is popular. Mountain Biking at the Penmanshiel Lonsdale trail Network.  The network is designed for all riders to explore and get closer to nature from easy to wild. Rent a fat bike, check out the panoramic view at the top of the trail network, and find even more trails to explore. 

The Swaledale mountain bike is another favourite local trail with views of the region. The Harker Top is a favourite biking trail in Swaledale and operates as a bike park in summer. Spring-summer months the local trails offer some of the longest mountain biking and fat biking.
The Halkyn Mountain is a good location for mountain biking in the UK.  Riding around the Island is fun for all levels and groups. You won't find hundreds of cyclists. It's just great to get out on the trails after a long winter! The Halkyn Mountain main attraction is biking, especially on the bridleway tracks that lead through the hills.  This area offers some higher altitude trails, and it is a great location for trail running and hiking.

The Dunkery, Horner Woods, is a hidden gem for mountain biking and walking. This once Royal Forest, about one mile long by two-thirds of a mile wide, has only been open to the public since 1952 and features 'The Beast Hill' on the north side and the delightful 'Dunkery Dales' on the south side. The south side of Dunkery Dales is relatively gentle and has a section of natural narrow gauge railway track (about 12 inches) running up its middle. The local farmers used this to transport goods, with oxen walking alongside the wagons. Walkers and mountain bikers now use the track, and the railway sleepers have been replaced with wooden planks to make the route easier. As well as being a delight for walkers and mountain bikers, the Dales are popular with cross-country runners. North Grove Reservoir is a short distance from the village centre and is used by local anglers.

Very near to Ireland, the well-known for the Enduro scene, is the Blessingbourne MTB trails.  Blessingbourne is a village with nature's best, like Waterfalls. The Waterfalls are situated near the village of Blessingbourne and are about a mile walk from the village of Durnford. The river runs through the wood, which is beautiful in all seasons. The town's highlight is the field path that is well maintained and is suitable for walkers and mountain bikers. The path is about 4 miles from the village of Durnford and passes several lakes; one is suitable for swimming. There is also a small beach on this lake, which is suitable for families, it is a great place to relax, and if you are lucky, you may be able to see some wildlife, including kingfishers on the river.

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