Imperial War Museum, Southwark

Imperial War Museum, Southwark

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Founded as the Imperial War Museum in 1917, the museum was intended to record the civil and military war effort and sacrifice of Britain and its Empire during the First World War. The museum's remit has since expanded to include all conflicts in which British or Commonwealth forces have been involved since 1914. As of 2012, the museum aims "to provide for, and to encourage, the study and understanding of the history of modern war and 'wartime experience'."

Imperial War Museum London


Welcome to the world's leading museum of war that signifies the sacrifice done by the people of Great Britain. The Imperial Museum has preserved the artefacts and a range of vehicles from the world war. The museum has preserved over 2000 objects inspired by the world war. All the things in the Museum are worth watching and among those some cannot be missed. Even it has all the military arms, aircraft, weapons, and tanks, worth watching.

Top things that no one would want to miss in the Imperial Museum.

1. Naval guns

These guns are in the very front when you enter the Imperial War Museum. It seems like the giant naval guns greet the visitors. It was built at the time of the first world war, and its range is 15 miles. One can click pictures with this gun.

2. Aircraft

As said before too, the museum has a collection of aircraft and weapons used during the war. So, no one would ever want to miss the aircraft of the time. The overall look of the aircraft can whisk the soul like a spitfire, as it is the most acknowledged fighter aircraft. This aircraft was used in the second world war, and there were around 13 pilots to fly this aircraft.   

3. Holocaust Exhibition

The holocaust depicts the cruelty of the 20th century, and it is not recommended for children below the age of 14 years. So, you can skip this with your child or can come without children to check out this exhibition.

4. Family in wartime exhibition

During the second world war, the families in London strived hard to survive because it was a tough time. The Imperial Museum has recollected the struggle symbols and the dark days of the life of the people of London. It depicts the endurance of the People of London at that hard phase.

5. Rockets from World war-II        

Well, what's the fun of not watching and experiencing the enormous rockets from the second world war. These rockets are known as the revenge rockets because they destroyed many homes in London. These big rockets were hard to control, but somehow the pilots controlled it that time.

6. Surveillance drones of the time

It is worth experiencing the aerial vehicle known as a drone. It was back then used in Afghanistan to track the attacks done by Taliban. These surveillance drones are used to provide a sneak peek of the upcoming attack.

7. World war-I gallery

The gallery depicts the stories of all those soldiers who sacrificed their everything. It makes you travel back and feel the depression that how the difficult life was for the soldiers. Do not forget to see all these things.

8. The Secret War

The Museum reveals the real war secrets of Britishers. The listening devices, hidden cameras, smoking pipes, and many other things exhibit how the secret intelligence gathered the information.