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This map of the best hotels consists of the best hotels in the UK. The Boulevard Hotel is a luxurious hotel popular for the cleanliness of its rooms and proximity to shops and restaurants. Also, the hotel is in a convenient location for everyone, being a five-minute walk from the beach. This map is based on what the popular residents of different cities and towns think are the best hotels.

The Mercure Sheffield St Pauls was a wonderful hotel just outside the city centre. It had an excellent location and was great for any traveller who wanted to visit Sheffield for one reason or another, such as a show at the arena, and You will enjoy your time there. The accommodations there are warm and inviting, with tasteful decor that will set you at ease. The staff is ready to help with any need you may have. They go that extra mile by greeting you with a smile and simply asking if your stay has been good every time you pass them in the lobby because they want to make sure your expectations are met or exceeded!

When it comes to lodging options, the Mercure Sheffield St Pauls is one of the best in Sheffield, England. If you are going to be travelling to this area of the UK, you will want to make sure that you choose the Mercure hotel as your lodging provider because it's an excellent option for all travellers.

 The Best Western Premier EMA Kegworth Yew Lodge is one of the most exquisite hotels in the UK. It is located in Kegworth, Derby, and it takes full advantage of its position with some beautiful local scenery.

Some say that the building has a story behind it, but nobody knows what happened exactly, nor if this is true or not. It was built in the 17th century, and it seems that the two lords had a dispute about who owned the land. To resolve the argument, they decided to build a house in Kegworth with their combined forces. However, as soon as one of them finished his part of the building, he demolished his contribution, so anyone else could not use it once its construction was complete.

This is believed to be true, as it is said that the building was unable to withstand a storm and toppled over in the 18th century, yet still stands to this day. It seems quite ironic yet almost poetic how it stayed intact after such an ordeal.  This hotel offers many rooms with different themes; some are named after plants, like the Magnolia Suite and the Lotus Suite. However, there are other rooms with names that don't relate to them, which can be quite confusing - one of these is called the Petunia Suite

The hotel has five different suites: The Bramble suite, the Alder suite, the Willow Suite, the Beech suite and the Cottage Garden suite. They all have different prices depending on their size and location in the building, but they are still reasonably priced.

The Bramble suite is more like a garden retreat, and it has two bedrooms to offer which are rather small yet cosy; one of them has an en-suite bathroom, and the other has a private bathroom. Both are fitted with modern amenities. This suite is rather expensive and doesn't look as good as the other suites - yet it is still beautiful on its own.

The Alder suite is situated in the hotel's main building; it has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, one en-suite and one shared. They are both furnished with modern amenities, and they have a reasonable price, surprisingly.

The Willow Suite is the most expensive of all suites offered in this hotel; it has five bedrooms, two bathrooms (en-suite and private), kitchenware, and two living rooms fitted with high-class furniture.


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