Historic House & Gardens

The map of historic houses and gardens offers a selection of heritage houses that date back centuries.  The Rammerscales  – an ancient dwelling – is one of the oldest houses in the country. It has been occupied by several prominent families, including the Gillanders, the Robsons, and the McNabs. Nearby is Wilson's Hospital, a sixteenth-century hospital that was founded for the poor. The hospital was initially created in 1701 by John Wilson, a wealthy merchant. It is now owned by the town council and used as offices. The town also has some eighteenth and nineteenth-century properties, including Ballochmyle House, both the birthplace and former home of the eighteenth-century poet Robert Burns. To the east of the town is Burnside House, a manor house built in the late nineteenth century and now used as a hotel. The  Rammerscales house was built in the early nineteenth century and is now used as a hotel.  The main attraction of Rammerscales is the gardens, which the present owner's mother-in-law created. The garden includes a wide range of plant species, including rhododendrons, camellias, and azaleas. The gardens are set in a landscaped parkland which includes a small folly, the Astron omer's House, built in the 1830s.

The Layer Marney Tower is a major landmark in the town. It was built in the mid-16th century as an artillery fort by Henry VIII. At this time, it formed part of a chain of coastal defences that protected the mouth of the River Colne. The fort was garrisoned during the  English Civil War and the Second English Civil War but was demolished in the 1820s. The nearby village of Layer Breton is named after the family that was granted the manor in 1197.  The main attraction of the Layer Marney Tower is the beautiful surrounding gardens with a magnificent display of old English roses, hydrangeas, and rhododendrons.

The Golden Grove in the UK is a historic orchard with many ancient apple trees. In the late forties, an enterprising couple who lived on the premises began collecting saplings from the former estate and planted them in their garden. Later, those saplings were replanted all over the orchard, and gradually, lo and behold, the Golden Grove became glorious with a sea of yellows, reds, and oranges. The oldest tree dates back to 1680 - so the saplings were at least 175 years old and many, undoubtedly, much older.

It is set on 3.8 acres of grounds and is perfect for weddings and other special occasions.  The Golden Groves in the UK is a hotspot for visitors and locals to visit and enjoy incredible natural beauties. When travelling through this vast forest, the founders discovered that they were privy to a truly captivating experience, and it's not hard to see why. Head out into the lush landscape, and you'll be suddenly enveloped in trees around every turn!

The Plas Brondanw Garden in the UK is a forest on the roof. Tucked away within the Welsh countryside near Llandeilo, this moody black home is filled with lush greenery and is a world unto itself. It feels as though you're on an adventure to arrive at such a peaceful and beautiful place. The main attractions at the Plas Brondanw are its 18ft raised bridges and tropical jungle gardens, complete with a waterfall lined with trees and bushes. This is one of the most beautiful places with the most incredible treehouses I've ever seen. This will give you the Indochina vibe all around!  Also, the Plas Brondanw offers various wonderful events, like crazy golf, archery, field games, etc. There are lots of interesting things to do within this place. It is a perfect place for birthday parties,  get-togethers, or school trips.


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