Historic Dockyard & Maritime Museums

The map of Maritime Museums is a unique collection of museums dedicated to the maritime history.  The Scottish Maritime Museum in the UK is one of the best maritime museums in the world.  It illustrates how Scotland has shaped the world through shipbuilding and seafaring. It explains how Scottish shipbuilding developed from the earliest days of sail till the present technological innovation. There is a special exhibition on Robert Burns, the world's greatest-ever seaman poet, and a special exhibition on Admiral Nelson. You can also experience a journey in virtual reality through Scotland's history of shipping and shipbuilding.  There's also a miniature model of the Titanic along with many other wonderful things to see.

The Hastings Fisherman's Museum maintains a really interesting social history collection of ships and economy from the Hastings area. The Hastings Fisherman's Museum in the UK is situated on The Seafront, Hastings, East Sussex. The fishing museum is always fun for a visit. There are many guided tours, including the Muncie Dory tour and the August Fisherman's Open. The main attraction is  Nat the Seal, who was caught in the gutter of the docks and nursed back to health. After Nat had recovered, he became so tame that he could be put into baskets and transported around Hastings.

Ramsgate Maritime Museum is also on the seafront and situated in the same building as the Fisherman's museum and is also a popular attraction. The Maritime Museum is home to the Sea Cadets, where they train and do many activities throughout the week.

The Salcome Maritime Museum is also situated on the seafront and exhibits collections of the Salcombe fleet and local paintings. Throughout the year, there are many events, including the annual  Pride of Hastings Exhibition, the Seafood Festival, and many more. Many artists flock to the town, such as Ceri Jones, David Hicks, and Beatrice Abeille, to be inspired by the sea and landscapes around Hastings. In 1896 when Queen Victoria came to Hastings for a holiday, she described it as a "little stony place where I saw some very funny people, who are always laughing.

The HMS Trincomalee, the vessel which (Sir Thomas) Warner used to explore the Maldive Islands in 1603, is exhibited at Hastings Harbour. Visitors can visit the tall ship: HMS Gloucester and the Little Ship Marina. In St Leonard's Hill, Hastings Castle is a fine example of medieval Norman architecture and has been on the English Heritage Sites at Risk Register since 2001. The castle itself is closed to the public, but a footpath leads to the summit of St Leonard's Hill for visitors to enjoy the panoramic view of Hastings.


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