Historic Attractions

The map of historical attractions showcase locations of historical value in the UK.  Just a few of over 1500 Historic Places  are briefly introduced here.  Avebury Stone Circle is a prehistoric monument near the village of Avebury in Wiltshire. It contains three stone circles and an outlying stone circle and forms part of a larger ritual landscape containing several ancient sites linked by ancient processional routes, other standing stones and other ritual monuments that goes far beyond this one place. Archaeologists believe it to be around 4,000 years old which would make it older than some of the Egyptian pyramids.

The Forth Bridge of Scotland was built in 1915 over the River Forth, north east of Edinburgh.  Its striking design contains many innovative features, including an L-shape with five distinct ribs along its steep, triangular sides. The main attraction of the forth Bridge of Scotland is its three red panels in the shape of a Celtic cross, arrayed in an “X” pattern.  Due to the structure’s triangular shape, the central panel can be seen from both far away and up close, making the Forth Bridge creating an impressive mix of architecture and structural engineering.

Tintern Abbey is a 13th-century Cistercian monastery located in the village of Tintern in Monmouthshire, Wales.  It has been designated as a Grade I-listed building as well as a UNESCO world heritage site.  If you visit the site, you will experience a happy feeling that resonates within the walls and grounds.  It is a site where you could worship and pray with a sense of peace and tranquility.

Abandoned Badbea is another landmark that is located in Nether Kinglat, Scotland. Many people here say this place was used as a science laboratory 100 years ago. It is said that this place had many plants and flowers stored, but a fire broke out made this place haunted. You will find a lot of plates, bottles, and a bubbling mixture of glass. In addition, a furnace is prepared to amaze you here, which shows how the laboratory worked. It is quite far but not so difficult to travel so many people here go to Badbea while they enjoy cycling.

Aberdour Castle And Gardens in Fife, Scotland, offers you an amazing and original garden and a complete history of 1000 years ago, which is incredible for obvious reasons.  The castle was built in 1450 by Alexander Gordon. It might look like another one of many castles, but actually, it is less known for its beauty.  Moreover, the major thing is that you cannot get in if you are not invited.

Aberlemno Sculptured Stones in  Perthshire, Kinross, and Angus is a Neolithic site.  It is the largest collection in Britain and one of the earliest collections assembled in the European context. It was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1999. There are over 80 prehistoric carved stones here, and some of the more significant ones are Barnhouse Stone, a 3,300year-old carved with a human head, another from 3,200 years ago has one of the earliest uses of a swastika in the artwork. Today, this site is managed by Historic Environment Scotland under the guardianships of Aberlemno Parish Council, Meigle Sculptured Stone as we know and mentioned earlier that Avebury henge is prehistoric.


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