Hill Walking 1000 - 2000ft

The map of Hills 1000ft to 2000ft highlights some of the lower hill walking areas.  The Cutsdean Hill in Gloucestershire lies in the parish of Longborough.  The hill overlooks to the right the village of Cutsdean, and on a clear day, a good view can be had of the Cotswold escarpment.  The hill is on private ground.  The name "Cutsdean" is old English for "Cotswold Valley."  In the hill's  The view west from Creag a' Bharara to the Cotswold escarpment. This is the northernmost of steep eastern side can be found several small caves. There are also two artificial caves in the northern slopes, dug out in the 16th century to quarry stone, but have since been abandoned. There is also a spring called "The Clock Punch" lying at the foot of Cutsdean Hill. The name is given from the water's purplish colour, and it's bubbling up like a clock.  The hill is comprised of Keuper Sandstone and has an elevation of 165 metres (541 ft).  Cutsdean is an important local nature reserve. It is a National Nature Reserve and part of the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). There are also many species of wild plants and animals living on the hill.   The Cutsdean Reservoir was first built in the mid-19th century to supply drinking water to Lechlade. It was later enlarged and used to supply water to the Royal Navy.

Nover's Hill in Shropshire is the highest point in the county at 479m. It's an excellent place for sunset and sunrise, and I've never seen so many perched boulders in my life. It's also a great place to take a walk or run with one of the best views I have ever seen while running. I could write a whole blog post on this one. The best view I have ever seen while running is from the top of Novers Hill, Sh Shropshire.

Heatherland Hill near the Scottish border is one of the main access points to Blaven. It's a steep, rugged climb to get up here, but worth it for the views from the top! And I haven't even mentioned Blaven yet...  The Clachaig Inn in Glencoe is one of my favourite places to stay when I'm in the area. The food is excellent, the beer is excellent, and it's got a great atmosphere. It's also a great place to eat out as it's usually packed with walkers and climbers.

Dove holes hils at Derbyshire is a great place to go for a walk. The views and walks are superb. If you like rock climbing, then you can visit the Dove Holes Caving Centre.  If you're into walking in the UK, there are lots to choose from, but if you're looking for something a little different, why not try the Walken Path, a walking route through one of the most important areas of ancient woodland? England. The Dove holes hills at Derbyshire are a great place to go for a walk. The Dove Holes hill is part of the Peak District National Park, and the views from the top are superb.


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