Heritage Railways

The map of heritage reveals the historical locations of heritage railway sites in the UK. Alderney Railway Alderney in the Channel Islands is a heritage railway station built in 1880 and used as a farm following its closure in 1965. Alderney Railway was re-opened to the public in 1988, and last year it carried 693,000 passengers.

Aln Valley Railway in Northumberland is another heritage railway that dates back to 1876, although the railway had not been used since 1964. Aln Valley Railways was opened on 14 September 2001 to make it possible for the local tourist to see the beauty of this historical line.  

Tarka Line in Devon has regular steam, diesel, and electric trains running between Torrington and Barnstaple. A railway station at Withycombe Raleigh made the line attractive for rural tourism.

Amberley Museum Railway in West Sussex may have the oldest working steam locomotives but cannot ride on.  The heritage railway dates back to 1950 and is the only surviving part of the original LBSCR line from Brighton to Horsham. The railway still runs to its station in Amberley, which was opened in 1866.  The line sees trains running most days of the week lasting over 6 hours per trip.

Amerton Railway in Staffordshire is a steam railway on the grounds of Amerton Park and Zoo.  Amerton also operates its narrow-gauge line within the zoo grounds, running trains every hour. The heritage railway in Amerton has been operating since 1986 and was originally constructed as part of a miniature railway system around the estate.  The line within the grounds, which is slightly larger than a gauge railway, is fitted with a unique automatic coupling system to operate in a public environment economically and environmentally efficient manner.

Apedale Valley Light Railway is also a heritage railway with history as an industrial railway in the 1700s.  It is now a short and scenic family-run line passing the old colliery and an old Canalway.  The line operates for almost half of the year on selected weekends and public holidays, usually staging one special event per month.  Also, an important feature of Apedale Light Railway is its large collection of 19th-century steam locomotives.


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