Hardwick Hall Elizabethan Mansion

Hardwick Hall Elizabethan Mansion

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Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire is an architecturally significant country house from the Elizabethan era, a leading example of the Elizabethan prodigy house. Built between 1590 and 1597 for Bess of Hardwick, it was designed by the architect Robert Smythson, an exponent of the Renaissance style.

Welcome to one of the most beautiful tourist attractions, Hardwick Hall Elizabeth Mansion. It was first created in the 1500s by Hardwick. With time, the descendants contributed a lot to make it beautiful. If you have planned your trip to Hardwick, you can explore and enjoy it by discovering the place. Hardwick Hall stands out from the rest of the buildings in England. Queen Elizabeth Shrewsbury used to live in the Hardwick Hall, designed by Robert Smythson.

There are some key facts of the Hardwick Hall, and most visitors are curious to know about it. Below are the facts.

·         Today, the Hardwick Hall is owned by the National Trust.

·         The furniture and household items kept inside the hall are from early 1601.

·         "ES" means Elizabeth Shrewsbury is inscribed on all the six rooftop sculptures.

·         Bess died in the 16th century, and her son Willian Cavendish took the charge of the Hardwick building.

Why is Hardwick hall so famous?

The windows in this hall are considerably unique, and it was the home of the Bess before she went to the new house. It is famous because it has appeared in many TV films. The Hardwick Hall has been used for shooting the exterior of Malfoy Manor in Harry Potter and also in Deathly Hollows. It is also famous because it has preserved the collection of 16th century's furniture.

Don't forget to see some beautiful scenes while visiting the Hardwick Hall like the old hall, Bess of Hardwick, Excellent exhibitions, and Bess buildings.

Old Hall

The Old Hall is incredibly beautiful, and as you climb the stone steps, you can view the plaster friezes of the Old Hall. These are the famous Elizabethan Plaster Friezes.

Bess of Hardwick

Who does not love to watch the extraordinary and intriguing characters? The Queen of Bess Hardwick married eight times and every time to a wealthier man. After that, she was the bearer of all the wealth and power at a time. Later on, with such an influence, she became friends with the queen of England.

Excellent exhibitions

Curious to know about Bess Hardwick? Well, then you must not forget to visit the excellent exhibition to know about the fascinating life of the queen and her importance. You can explore everything and detail about the Bess as the exhibition on the ground floor is all about it.