Farm Park & Animals

The map of Farm park and Animal is an exciting location and adventure spot in the UK. The Woodside Animal Farm and Leisure Park. The map of Farm park and Animal is an interesting location and adventure spot in the UK. The Woodside Animal Farm and Leisure Park is a place where you can enjoy seeing the animals and walking around to explore. The zoo is a farm for all animals, which has three main areas. The largest area is the farm, where you can go to see and touch the animals. The second part of the zoo is a small indoor area, which is a typical home for small animals. These animals include hamsters, budgies, and guinea pigs, where you can hold and pet them. The third part of the zoo is an adventure playground for children with farm animals. There are also a lot of opportunities to go around the park with friends and family. There is also a small petting zoo where children can enjoy feeding the animals; however, this is only open once a week. The park site was originally the home of a small pig farm until it closed in 2006.

The Finkley Down Farm Park is the largest green village in England. It was created due to the Metropolitan Green Belt legislation that came into force in 1935, seeing 30,000 acres (12,000 ha) of land designated as green belt within a radius of London.

Jimmy’s Farm and Wildlife Park in UK is happy to welcome families, schools and tour groups into their little slice of paradise, where you can join a host of guided park tours to really get to grips with the park’s many wonders.  Jimmy’s Wildlife Park is no small family business, but instead a massive 70-acre working farm and visitor attraction. In fact, it is Britain’s largest animal sanctuary! A place that helps injured and orphaned animals.  There’s an awful lot to see here as well. With over 80 species and breeds onsite, the Wildlife Park plays host to traditional, rare and exotic animals. From crocodiles, camels and capybara to pigs, skunks and guinea pigs.

Animal Farm Adventure Park is a lovely adventure park located in the heart of Norfolk, England. It is the second largest park in Europe and houses some of the most soul-stirring rides. Also , you will find many species of animals. The park was aptly named “Animal Farm” because over 430 cattle are deliberately kept on the site enabling the guests to get up close and personal with farm animals, like many other attractions and family parks. While it is the first attempt to keep farmed animals on a theme park site, Animal Farm manages to pull it off with aplomb. Other attractions include the chance to acquaint yourself with sheep, goats, donkeys and pigs, while three larger grazed animals roam free. All rides at the “Animal Farm” theme park are designed to have an educational undertone so that children learn the importance of treating animals gently and carefully.


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