Cultural World Heritage

The map of Cultural World Heritage identify locations of Cultural World Heritage in the UK.  The Ironbridge Gorge is a Cultural World Heritage site located near Ironbridge, Telford, United Kingdom.  It contains the Iron Bridge, the world's first iron bridge. The site is 7.8 hectares (19 acres) and the registration covers various bridges and associated structures: Thomas Telford's first cast iron bridge of 1781.  The area contains several other bridges, most notably the newer bridge designed by Thomas Telford across the River Severn, built over the old bridge between 1829 and 1831. The Coalport China Museum is located on part of the site.  The Ironbridge Gorge Museum is located in the gorge, run by the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust.  It tells the story of industry along the Iron Bridge Gorge , including coal mining, canal building, Bessemer steelmaking and railways.

Frontiers of the Roman Empire is a Cultural World Heritage Site , designated in 1985.  It is an archaeological site which consists of fortifications that were the frontiers of the Roman Empire. The Frontiers of the Roman Empire in UK is very significant on the worldwide scale.  It is regarded as of outstanding universal value, which provides unique overview of Roman period of Britain history.

The Canterbury Cathedral, St Augustine's Abbey, and St Martin's Church are Cultural World Heritage Sites that are listed by UNESCO.  The Canterbury Cathedral with its vaulted ceiling is regarded as a masterpiece of medieval architecture and tallest Cathedral Church in Britain.  St Augustine's Abbey is the one of the oldest monastery buildings in the UK from late Roman period, which stands since the 10th century AD.  

Derwent Valley Mills is a Cultural World Heritage Site and areas around the River Derwent is listed in the list of natural sites. This World Heritage Site features Roman remains along with a rural landscape, medieval church and waterway system. Derwent Valley Mills has now become the modern symbol of economy, politics and life in South Wales.

Blaenavon Industrial Landscape is a Cultural World Heritage Site of the United Kingdom which is contains the remains of the coal mining industry.  These features are clustered around Blanavon especially on its southern side and includes great importance of Valley cities, industry and social heritage. Blaenavon Industrial Landscape can be viewed as three land scape features which include the Ironworks Valley, Consett Ironworks Valley and Communities Valley.  The main attraction at the Blaenavon Industrial Landscape is Blaenavon Ironworks itself which is a great National Monument of Wales and a monument to its workers.


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