Country Parks

The map of country parks locates various prestigious country parks in the United Kingdom. Castle Archdale Country Park is a top-class park situated in County Donegal, 5 km south of Letterkenny on the N56. The 148ha park has a colourful trail through ponds and meadows where visitors can see waterfowl, trout, and plants such as marsh pennywort, lucerne, and yellow flag iris. Standing proudly and overlooking one of the most notable features of this delightful city, it's a stunning sight to see. The structure is like a castle that belongs in medieval times, the 1605 house.

Castle Archdale Country Park is one of Northern Ireland's most spectacular country parks. The cliffs are coloured lavender in the spring. Castle Archdale Country Park was built in the early 19th Century by the 3rd Earl of Anglesea. The Archdale coat of arms was used as a design feature on the arches, which had no purpose other than decoration. It was originally called Upper Loughton Park but is now known simply as Castle Archdale  Country Park after the 3rd Earl's residence nearby. The family said that the arches were in the famous entrance Arch of Hadrian at Rome.

John Muir Country Park is located on a beautiful stretch of coastline. Complete with a large adventure play park. It supports a wide range of habitats, birds, and plants.  The park is named after John Muir, a prominent Scottish naturalist and activist who protected numerous wilderness places in the United States, including Yosemite Valley and Sequoia National Park. Although the park was not classified as a conservation area until 1976, it has become one of the most popular recreational destinations in the East of Scotland.

Cragside country park was erected in 1863 by businessman and inventor William Armstrong. Armstrong was an engineer, scientist, and philanthropist. In 1880, Baron Armstrong commissioned architect Richard Norman Shaw to turn his rural residence into a modern mansion with a scientific laboratory and an astronomical observatory.

Cragside was a wonder of the late Victorian era, with things we take for granted now, but were cutting-edge technology and ingenuity.

Lord Armstrong installed a passenger elevator, fire alarms throughout the home, a Turkish bath suite, and a strange new telephone device.

Lord Armstrong was a landscape gardener as well as an inventor. Five lakes and approximately 7,000,000 trees and plants on the Cragside estate. That's 7 million new trees and bushes around the estate, not a typo. Thanks to all those trees, the endangered British red squirrel has been established in Cragside woods.

Cragside is marked and situated just north of Rothbury. There is so much to see in the home and gardens that you need plenty of time. Allocate at least an hour to view the home and appreciate the rock garden, walled garden, and clock tower nearby.

After that, you may drive around the estate on the one-way road, through gorgeous woods, sometimes stopping to enjoy walking trails and stunning lakes. It's a park with a magnificent mansion in the middle.

Lord Armstrong built one of the world's largest rock gardens at Cragside. Magnificent, diverse estate, red squirrel stronghold Playground, Rhododendron Maze, Wild Streams, and Lakes.


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