Conwy Castle

Conwy Castle

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Conwy Castle is a fortification in Conwy, located in North Wales. It was built by Edward I, during his conquest of Wales, between 1283 and 1289. Constructed as part of a wider project to create the walled town of Conwy, the combined defences cost around £15,000, a huge sum for the period.

Right at the heart of the historical town of Conwy in North Wales, stands proud Conwy Castle. Built in 1283-1287, Conwy Castle is still standing tall and strong even today after over 700 years. The castle’s rich history, and the castle walls, make Conwy Castle a significant stop for tourism. In 1986, Conwy Castle became a world heritage site due to its “outstanding universal value”.

Attractions at Conwy Castle

  • Conwy is simply, a stunning castle with eight massive round towers that dominate the area for miles around. This World Heritage Site never fails to impress, from its soaring, well-preserved towers to its location on an outcrop above the Conwy Estuary. From one of the towers, enjoy the view below of the famous Conwy Suspension Bridge that links Conwy to Llandudno.
  • From Conwy Castle, you can see three sets of bridges crossing the river – the modern 1958 road bridge, the 1826 Telford suspension bridge, and the 1848 railway bridge. These bridges are all an integral part of the history of Conwy.
  • The Battlements at the castle provide visitors with some stunning views across the sea and the mountains and it’s protected on two sides by the Conwy and Gyffin Rivers.
  • One of the remarkable features is the thick stone walls that surround the town itself. More than 1.2 km long, the Conwy walls come complete with 21 towers and three gateways. You can do the town wall walk if you don’t mind steep steps, heights, and loudmouth seagulls.  
  • Inside the castle, the Outer Ward includes the Great Hall, Kitchen, and Chambers, and the interior is largely intact, especially the grand 40m/130ft Great Hall and King’s Apartments, visitors can see how the castle would have operated when royalty came to stay. The Inner Ward includes a Royal Chapel and Private Chambers.

Contemporary Art in the Castle

The five large-scale works of art are an exceptional addition to the property and fun to seek out.

Refreshments at Conwy Castle:

One of the main reasons so many guests return to the Restaurant at The Castle is because of the great food and personal service. Their seasonally changing menu uses local Welsh food, skilfully prepared by the local kitchen team, who have found and developed a rich source of artisan producers and suppliers.

Souvenirs at Castle:

It offers a wide range of T-shirts, posters, stickers, home décor, and many adorable toys.

The Conwy Castle has truly stood the test of time and is still, after over 700 years, an iconic stronghold that inspires people. Don’t miss a visit to this Castle on your adventure trip. Worth visiting this place to grab a little bit of history.