Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo

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Chester Zoo is a zoo at Upton-by-Chester, in Cheshire, England. Chester Zoo was opened in 1931 by George Mottershead and his family. It is one of the UK's largest zoos at 51 hectares. The zoo has a total land holding of approximately 160 hectares and houses Approximately 35,000 animals

Chester Zoo

Zoos are always the favourite places to spend your time happily with your family. Sitting amidst the glimpse of nature and its creatures is something that almost everyone adores. The best part is that one is never too young or old to have a good time with over 30,000 animals and 129 acres of zoological gardens to explore.

As a licensed conservation and education charity, Chester Zoo provides support to over 80 organisations working to save species from extinction in over 30 countries across the world. A variety of television productions, including films such as Zoo Days and The Secret Life of the Zoo, and a television drama series based on a novel of the same name written by June Mottershead, have featured zoo animals throughout the years.

The birth of a pair of eastern pygmy marmosets, one of the world's tiniest primate species, as well as the advent of an endangered eastern black rhino, one of just 1,000 individuals left on the earth, marked a milestone moment in the history of the park in the year 2020.

Get up face to face and witness the majestic Asiatic lion pride, mischievous Madagascan ring-tailed lemurs. Along with it, also make sure to find out a little more about Ecuador Amazonian parrot and the Philippine cockatoo – which are the two most endangered species who are fighting for their lives in the wild. You'll see and hear animals from all over the globe, including some of nature's deadliest hunters, such as the stunning red apes, the Komodo dragon, and acrobatic gibbons.

Chester Zoo is a terrific day out at any time of year since it offers a variety of food and drink options, as well as the opportunity to see a variety of animals in both outdoor and indoor habitats. The space does not feel crowded, and there is plenty of room to walk about without bumping into too many people. A wheelchair, scooter, and buggy rental service is offered at the main entrance, making it completely accessible.

There have been plans of opening a Latin American wetland aviary in 2021 at Chester Zoo. This new interactive environment will replace the previous flamingo space and showcase some of the most magnificent bird species found on the planet. Chester Zoo's status as one of the world's top conservation, animal, and leisure attractions is expected to be further enhanced by including this new exhibit.

Things To Do At Chester Zoo

  • Face Painting

A professional face painter can transform you into your favourite animal in only a few short hours. Temporary air-brushed tattoos are also available at this location.

  • Areas for Children to Play

Three major playgrounds are located at Chester Zoo, providing ample opportunity for children to burn off excess energy. These are - Madagascar PLAY,  themed around a Madagascar base camp. Then is the Ape, a play area with scaling towers and a slide, and the last one is Wildlife Wood, a huge play area with various activities.

  • Handimals

The Handimals workshop in Chester Zoo lets you transform your hand into a 'chimp-hand-zee' in a matter of minutes.

  • Boat Trip on the Lazy River

The lazy riverboat tour, located in the Islands zone, takes you on a boat journey past the animals that call this exhibit home. Each boat is decorated in the style of a distinct island

  • Butterfly Journey

Visit the UK's largest zoo-based butterfly house to witness over 300 species of butterflies. The house's tropical setting has several plants that cater to butterflies' nutritional needs. They also import pupae from Costa Rica to display in the Puparium.