Blenheim Palace Park & Gardens

Blenheim Palace Park & Gardens

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Blenheim Palace Park & Gardens

How does the idea of exploring the 300 years of history and spending your day in 2000 acres of parks and gardens sound to you? If this is something you would like to do, then make sure to add the Blenheim Palace Park & Gardens to your next visit list.

But before you plan anything, let us talk more about the Blenheim Palace and what all can be added to your to-do list.

More About Bleinheim Palace

Blenheim Palace has been the only non-royal house in England with the title of the palace, and it is located just under half an hour north of Oxford. In addition, it is one of the 32 UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the UK.

The Baroque palace, constructed by John Vanbrugh, was a gift from Queen Anne to the 1st Duke of Marlborough in the 18th century. Additionally, the Palace is where Winston Churchill was born. Capability Brown eventually built the Palace's landscaped park, regarded as a natural "Versailles." The Palace Gardens are divided into Formal and Pleasure Gardens, and they are spectacular.

The Palace is still the official residence of the 12th Duke of Marlborough, as it has been for the previous 300 years. It was opened to the public in 1950 by the 10th Duke of Marlborough.

Today, the Blenheim Palace Parks & Gardens serve as a national monument, a functioning family residence, and a mausoleum.

Things To Do At Blenheim Palace

  1. Take a Tour To The Palace

Even though the Palace is a functional family home, some areas are accessible. While going around the State Rooms and appreciating the gorgeous interior, you can surely learn more about hundreds of years of history.

  1. Watch The Penny Farthing Bicycle

Keep an eye out for Mr. Phoebus, who rides his unusual Victorian Penny Farthing Bike throughout the Blenheim Palace's grounds.

  1. Do Not Forget The Pleasure Garden]

The pleasure gardens at Blenheim Palace are Butterfly house and Marlborough Maze.

  • Marlborough Maze

Marlborough Maze is regarded to be one of the world's largest hedge mazes. If you go to the Palace, don't miss it. The beautifully sculptured hedges in the shapes of cannonballs, trumpets, and flags may be seen intermittently from the wooden bridges.

  • Butterfly House

The butterfly house at Blenheim Palace Parks & Gardens is home to a variety of exotic butterflies. These unique butterflies, which were brought in from Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines, live in this magnificent tropical setting and are open to the public to see.

  1. Walk Across The Column of Victory

After crossing the Grand Bridge, proceed to the Column of Victory.  It's a long walk but certainly worth those calories because you get to enjoy a stunning sight of Blenheim Palace if you look back. The 41-meter-tall column, topped by the 1st Duke of Marlborough statue, was finished in 1730.

  1. Check Out The 'Harry Potter' Tree

The very famous 'Harry Potter' tree from the sequence of 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix' is here at the Blenheim Palace parks & gardens. It is known as Cedar of Lebanon Tree, unquestionably one of Blenheim Palace's most famous features.

  1. Explore The Formal Gardens

The award-winning Formal Gardens that encircle Blenheim Palace cover 150 acres and are a must-see. Some of the Blenheim Palace Park & Gardens that you need to visit are:

  • Rose Garden

The 7th Duke of Marlborough contributed to the creation of the Rose Garden. His gardener built the round fence that you see today to keep the place safe.

  • Italian Garden

Since it is the private garden of the Duke, you can only look at it and not take a stroll around it. However, it is still rather lovely, and you can certainly click some beautiful photographs for your social media. 

  • Secret Garden

The 10th Duke commissioned a 'Private Garden' at the Blenhein Palace, a small and dense 'jungle' of flowers, trees, lakes, and streams. The 'Secret Garden,' as it is now known, was finally opened to the public in 2004.

Have you previously visited Blenheim Palace? Which was your favorite place? Please let us know in the comments section below.