Blackpool Tower Dungeon

Blackpool Tower Dungeon

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The Blackpool Tower Dungeon brings together an amazing cast of theatrical actors, special effects, stages, scenes and a ride in a truly unique and exciting walkthrough experience that you see, hear, touch, smell and feel. It’s hilariously fun, it's scary! Costumed actors host visitors in 10 terrifying shows telling scary stories from the country's past.

Blackpool Tower Dungeon

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon is located in the Blackpool Tower, Tower Entrance, and The Bank Hey St, Blackpool FY1 4BJ, United Kingdom. The Blackpool Tower Dungeon brings together an amazing cast of theatrical actors, special effects, stages, scenes, and a ride in a truly unique and exciting walkthrough experience that you see, hear, touch, smell, and feel. It’s hilariously funny, it's scary! Featuring 10 laugh-out-loud shows covering 1000 years of history you'll scream and laugh your way through. The tours last approximately 90 minutes. Let us see what all things we can see inside Blackpool Tower Dungeon.

Lift Jester

Descend into the heart of the Dungeon in this medieval lift. Hear the grinding cogs and chains as the winches strain. Descent is the perfect opening to your Dungeon experience, funny, suspenseful and beautifully played. If the Dungeon was a movie, Descent would be the title sequence. What you will experience The Jester jokes are really funny, Dungeon rules, and whether the Lift actually works. If you’re lucky enough you’ll get to ‘hang’ out with the Jester for a while listening to his jokes, critiquing his singing style, and having a jolly time. Perfect to lull you into a false sense of security before you enter the lifts.

Dark Chapel

Step into the eerie darkness of the chapel at Lytham Priory. Hear the monk tell tales of the history of the Fylde Coast, from Viking invasions to the War of the Roses to the new arrival of a new enemy that knows no fear and gives no mercy! The monks are terrified of this new enemy sent to the Pool that is Black as the wrath of God! The monks will offer you no sanctuary.

The Plague Doctor

Welcome to Plague Street in 1349. In this gloomy alley be sure to keep your eye out for signs of the Black Death with red crosses on doors, rotting bodies, and black rats. The Doctor’s Assistant will meet you along the way and bring you to the medic in his surgery, where you’ll be asked to take your seats before the Doctor will see you. (Here’s a hint – avoid sitting next to anyone with a cough, they’ve probably already got the Plague!)

The Torturer

In the Torture chamber of Lancaster Castle, the Torturer is a craftsman who uses tools. Also, he is very practically minded and loves to teach. This show is consistently one of our highlights - delighting and repulsing in equal measure. Just remember, like any artist The Torturer has his sensitive side.


Meet the Judge with our classic Dungeon show and a massive crowd-pleaser. Judge Blackheart has little time for your excuses. The big question is, how will you plead? Guilty or Very Guilty?

The Labyrinth

Judge Blackheart is not a patient man. As he commits you all to the labyrinth of the lost souls, will you find a way to escape? The only way to safety is through the Labyrinth, a confusing maze of narrow streets.

Witch’s Revenge

Discover the grueling history of Meg Shelton, the infamous Witch of Woodplumpton. Emerged from the forest of lost souls and stumbled upon the cottage of the late Meg Shelton. Here you’ll discover her harrowing history and even receive a haunting visit from the witch herself.

Skippool Smugglers

Welcome to the depths of the Skippool Creek caves, where in the gloom the smugglers work. Discover the smuggler’s nocturnal business activities and the risks they face. Also, if one of your group is working for the Revenue Men.

Pendle Witches

Enter the eerie woods of Pendle, where reports of witchcraft are rife - anyone can be accused, even you. Hear the story of Alizon Device in her own words. As one of Pendle's witches, she was hung for her crime. You can also be hung for your crimes and become famous.

Drop Dead: Drop Ride

Judged and sentenced in Lancaster Gaol and now you must accept the consequences of your crimes. You are guilty of witchcraft and sentenced to hang - with no right of appeal. The crowd cheers and it's your turn to face the drop. The noose is ready as are the Judge, Priest, and executioner. The thrilling faster than gravity drop is the ultimate end to your Dungeon journey.

The Red Lion

The last stop saloon before you depart this exciting walk-through attraction.

Pull up a barstool and play the part of a punter at the pub. With a front-row seat at the heart of this unique, storytelling experience you will be transported back to a vibrant, decadent, and dodgy pub of 1896, where the gossip and scandal surrounding the local scoundrels, villains, and working girls unravels around you.

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon is the best attraction for those who like a mix of fun and thrill. Take a trip through 1,000 years of Lancashire’s gruesome and funny history and experience the dark and mysterious past of the pool that is black. Do visit them.