Big Ben Clock Tower

Big Ben Clock Tower

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Big Ben is one of the most incredible decorated and very huge clock towers in the world. Completed in 1859, the tower is designed in Pugin's celebrated Gothic Revival style. Big Ben is 96.3m high and is names after the Great Bell of the striking clock. Big Ben is at the north end of the Palace of Westminster.

Big Ben Clock Tower

Big Ben is an iconic clock tower in London, which is well-known for its massive bell. The bell itself weighs around 13.7 metric tonnes, and it is closely aligned with the Houses of Parliament\'s clock tower. Big Ben has been one of the most popular spots in London, especially after dark when the clock faces are lighted up.

This iconic clock tower, Big Ben, has been in numerous films and has its image printed on everything, be it the lunch boxes or apparel.  The cultural significance of the tower is the main reason why it is such a magnificent sight to view on a trip to London. Then there\'s an extraordinary structural detail, which includes the four gigantic clocks, which, even after years, are still correct to the minute and are used by old Londoners to sync up their watches.
About Big Ben Clock Tower

The Big Ben clock tower, which is part of the Palace of Westminster in London, is a cultural monument of the country and hence, regarded as a symbol of parliamentary democracy. The tower stands on the northern end of the palace and is a 96-meter tall neo-gothic building with 4 sides of 12 meters till the base. The tower has an in-built 5-ton clock with four 2.7-meter-diameter clock faces on each side.

The 13-ton bell kept inside the Big Ben clock tower is the most important element. Since its completion in 1859, the tower has simply been known as the \"Clock Tower.\" In September 2012, it was renamed the Elizabeth Tower in honour of Queen Elizabeth II\'s diamond jubilee.

Interesting Facts About Big Ben Clock Tower 

  1. The tower was granted its current name, Elizabeth Tower, in 2012, in honour of Queen Elizabeth\'s diamond jubilee. The large clock inside is known as Big Ben.
  2. How did Big Ben get its name? It is said that Big Ben clock tower got its name from Sir Benjamin Hall, the first Director of Works. He was a huge man and, hence was affectionately known as Big Ben around the house.
  3. When Parliament is in session, a distinctive light is turned on above the clock faces.
  4. The BBC initially broadcast Big Ben\'s chimes on December 31, 1923, beginning a tradition that continues even today.
  5. Bombs destroyed the Commons Chamber at Westminster in May 1941. Big Ben and the clock tower, on the other hand, remained undamaged. Throughout the bombing and restoration of the Commons Chamber, Big Ben continued to chime as normal.
  6. Underneath Big Ben\'s clock face, there is a Latin proverb. The inscription says, OMINE SALVAM FAC REGINAM NOSTRAM VICTORIAM PRIMAM, which translates, "O Lord, keep safe our Queen Victoria the First."

Information About Big Ben Clock Tower 

  1. Entry Fee: The entry fee of adult tourists is £15, family is £37; student is £10, and children aged 5 to 16 is £6. Children under the age of five can enter for free.
  2. Location: Big Ben is located in the Palace of Westminster in London.
  3. Number of floors: Big Ben has 11 floors till the belfry.

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