Art Galleries

The map of Art Galleries is an art location map pointing to different places where art galleries are displayed.  Lowes Court Gallery in the UK is unique because it is a decentralised art platform that enables artists from local communities to present their work for monetary rewards.  Artists are encouraged to present due to the gallery's motivating atmosphere.  The Lowes Court Gallery's main attraction is immersive artworks that take the audience on a new journey and connects them to the present.  The Lowes Court, with an international ownership structure that utilises individuals all over the world.

The Plymouth City Museum in the UK is located in Plymouth, which houses a large collection of archaeology artefacts, making it one of the oldest and popular institutions in town.  The museum specialises in local history and has various historical artefacts and ancient exhibits, including photographs from Plymouth's past.  The museum also offers a vast array of family activities and exhibitions for visitors to enjoy.   The  Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery win numerous awards and accreditations from the Museums, Archives, and Libraries.

The Ferens Art Gallery in Hull is a popular British art museum displaying various touring exhibitions and events for families.   The Ferens  Museum welcomes over 170,000 visitors per year and has a variety of events and exhibitions throughout the season.  This museum also supports local events and activities. The main attraction of the Ferens Art Gallery is the extensive collection of British art.

 There are rewards on the cards for people who participate in various educational activities provided by the Ferens to explore, look at art, and do fun activities. The Ferens Museum does a variety of activities with Schools for different ages and community groups. A great place for children to be creative or for families to have some fun.

Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery is an independent trust and charity that was built in 1753. Tullie House Museum is very diverse and exciting, and you can find paintings, costumes and textiles, books, toys, armour and much more. They have a lot of workshops and activities for Children, Friends groups, or corporates In January. Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery's main attraction is the Teddy Hall and having designated galleries for paintings, costumes and textiles, books, toys, and much more.



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