The map of Aquariums is a journey into the aquatic habitats and where they are located in the United Kingdom, with itts wide range of the marine creates. The National Sea Life Centre is a marine life centre located in Brighton.  Actress Liz Hurley opened it in 2002 after the £27 million extension to Brighton Palace Pier, which the  Millennium Commission funded.  Then you can go to the Brighton Sealife and Marine centre, a Discovery Centre that houses mainly marine life.

The Blue Reef Aquarium is a great place to visit if you like to fish. The whole of the ground floor is taken up with tanks containing fish and other ocean creatures, while the upper floors have tanks with smaller fish and a few tropical birds. The upper floor also has a café that overlooks the sea lions and penguins enclosure. You might also be lucky enough to see the marine mammal team feeding a few animals, which is great. The Blue Reef Aquarium is a tourist attraction in Yorkshire, which is fun for all the family. The aquarium offers marine life but also many land animals, including fish, mammals, birds, and reptiles. The aquarium has many educational displays created to help visitors understand more about sea creatures and the need to protect our oceans. If you are looking for a family day out in Yorkshire, then the Blue Reef Aquarium is well worth visiting.

The Alton Towers Shark Bait Reef is located in the UK and was created by scientists and marine biologists. The company wanted to use its scientific skills to educate the public about conservation efforts and how ocean pollution affects marine life.

Shark Bait reef was the first to be made offshore in UK waters. It's positioned 90 metres deep and is 3m × 6 m in size. The reef was finally installed on 20th January 2013.

The Alton Tower Shark Bait Reef is unique because of its size and the materials used. It is made from lightweight concrete, making it easier to install and position underwater than many other aquariums. It is also constructed with a special submarine lock connecting the water, keeping in more sea life. The main attraction for visitors is the lagoon, which houses several viewing points. But with its quality artificial sea life and overall clean environment, the shark bait reef is one of the most (if not the most) popular in the country.