About us

Here at Layermap we are trying to create something a little different. This is a new mapping website based on trying to sort through the vast number of places on the internet which you may wish to visit.  It should also help you to create the absolute best day out. You may find there is a lot more on your doorstep than you realised.

This website comes from a pure love of exploring new places, either at home or when you are on holiday abroad. There is so much to learn about the local history, nature, tourism, and the adventure each area can give you. Find more locally or really get the most out of your holiday destination.  You may find your plans change and perhaps it is not always necessary to fly halfway around the world. Maybe your home country is more interesting than you realise.

This has been a lockdown project created over many months by many talented people.  Initial inspiration may have partly come from the longing to have more variation and to see more places whilst we were not allowed to travel during the Covid pandemic.  We hope that the release of this new mapping website can enable us to really get back out there and make the most of life again.

You may have seen those little brown tourist signs whilst travelling around parts of Europe and the UK. These all take you to interesting and fun places, many of which you will have never heard of.  Whether it a day out with the kids or you are just seeking something new. So how do you find all these fun and interesting places when you do not have the words to search for it.  Layermap can now help you to categorise all those places of interest (POI’s).  There are so many places to see, so make sure you see the best.

Please help to support us so that we can explore many more new places all around the world and get them onto Layermap website. We also aim to provide more information on each place, although, there are so many, we hope that this mapping-based search facility can help to guide you.