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How to use LayerMap and get the most out of it…

We currently have 75 map layer buttons, so it does take a little time to turn them all on – but you can if you want to.
The intention of LayerMap is to try and sort through the immense amount of information on the internet and find the very best places to visit, or perhaps the types of places you are specifically interested in visiting.
Zooming out and turning all the Layers on might leave you blown away by the number of places, and you may be back to square one - mind boggled on where to go next.

There are a few ways LayerMap works best: -

1, Search your local area. Turn on the Layers you are interested in. Use the radius filter and set to say 25 miles.
Use the Layer Button filter to select types of attractions, Adventure, Arts, Historical, Leisure, Nature & Animals, Sports, or Tourism. Design a different day out each time and find all the places you always should have visited, within just 10, 25, 50 miles of where you live. You may be surprised of just how much there is on your doorstep.
2, Plan some trips. Pick a part of the country you have not visited before, or maybe somewhere you are planning a holiday. When you don’t know the area, it can take some time to find good places to visit. Filter the buttons, perhaps you are interested in the History of the area, or maybe you want the variety of the tourist attractions layers. Turn on the map layers of pushpins and explore the area.
3, Challenge yourself to pick a day out from each layer…. live life to the max! You may find some places and activities are much more fun than you expected.
The majority of our pushpins link to an official webpage for the location, giving the address, directions, facilities and opening hours. Click on a pushpin and use the share button to email location coordinates to yourself for use with Sat Nav or to a friend.

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